Do Metal Detectors Work In Snow? Find Out Here!

Will a Metal Detector Function In Snow?

Most people assume metal detecting has to wait for spring, summer and autumn, with winter detecting off the cards, however, metal detecting during the winter can still be done during these cold months.

Your probably wondering, can a metal detector still find objects in the snow? Yes, a metal detector can still function during the snow and find hidden valuables, your detection may not be as deep, but the benefits of hunting in the snow outweigh this.

To help you out and inspire you to go winter metal detecting, we have put together some of our best tips and location suggestions so as you can get the most out of using your metal detector during the snowy winter.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Why Should I Use My Metal Detector In The Winter?

Metal detecting during the winter is by no means for the faint-hearted, standing out in the cold all day can get tiring and you may struggle to find objects with ease in the snow.

However, doing this hobby during the wintertime can come with plenty of benefits too, we have listed a few out below to see if we can inspire you to get your metal detector out this Christmas.

  • It’s off-season – One of the best advantages to getting your metal detector out during the winter is that you won’t find many other people doing it! This means you can avoid crowds and have access to locations without a lot of people.
  • You can find interesting objects – People tend to drop a lot of stuff during the winter season, especially around ice skating areas or sledging places, this gives you a chance to detect some unusual things.
  • It’s fun! – Taking a flask of hot chocolate and setting off to find objects during the winter is fun and a great way to get some cardio in during the winter, you can even bring the whole family and make it a tradition!

What Kind Of Metal Detector Do I Need For The Snow?

To metal detect during the snow you need a device that is waterproof and durable, preferably with some kind of backlight for the more dull winter days.

You should always make sure the sensitivity of your model is high and the discrimination is low when searching through the snow so as you can have the best chance of finding an object.

Where Should I Metal Detect In The Snow?

To inspire you to metal detect in the snow, we have listed out some great locations for you to try and hunt in where the weather should not become too much of a nuisance.

Popular Winter Spots

Try and take your metal detector to some winter hotspots like ice skating rinks or sledging hills, these places will often have unusual objects dropped around them during the winter and can make great fun to metal detect in!

Just make sure to try and find the owner if you come across something very valuable!

Shallow Waters

Water that hasn’t been iced over is a great place to hunt for treasures in, it won’t be as hard to detect objects here as it would be in the snow, and if you have a waterproof metal detector there’s no reason why not!

The Beach

Due to the nature of the shorelines on the beach, these areas will be unlikely to gather snow in and ice over, making them a perfect winter location to metal detect. The sand of the beach will be unlikely to freeze over making it easier to dig in too.

Sheltered Areas

Thickly wooded areas are great for metal detecting as they retain moisture and don’t ice over as much, meaning you can still dig and get a good depth detection level in without too much snow covering the ground.

Tips For Metal Detecting During The Snow

Now you know the best places to metal detect during the winter without too much snow, what happens when you can’t avoid the snow?

Well, firstly you will need to wrap up warm and secondly, you will need to make sure you have some certain tools and accessories which will make discovering objects much more fun and easy!

We have listed out our essential tips below for metal detecting during the snow so as you can get the most out of your winter hobby.

  • Keep your battery warm – One of the worst things about cold snowy weather is that it can drain the batteries of your metal detector very fast. One way to avoid this is by keeping your battery warm in places such as your car or jacket.
  • Take a lighter – Having a lighter on hand can be useful for melting ice and snow to see objects or removing some of the snow that you need to dig.
  • Wear gloves – When digging in the snow you need to be making sure you are wearing gloves to keep your hands warm and maintain a good grip.
  • Use a rake – A rake will come in useful when removing the snow from an area.
  • Remember a shovel – Make sure you have a heavy-duty shovel that is meant for snowy ground conditions so as you can have an easier time digging.

You will also need to ensure you have some accessories for yourself such as –

  • Thermal gloves – As we mentioned above, you need to be wearing gloves while using your metal detector in the snow, however, thermal gloves can be an even option to keep your hands toasty while you are out for long periods in the snow.
  • A hat – Wearing a hat will keep your ears covered and your head warm.
  • Snow boots – For moving around difficult places a good pair of snow boots will stop you from slipping over and help you maintain grip while walking.
  • Knee pads – When you have to kneel in the snow, knee pads can come to great use and stop your clothes from getting damp and cold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Metal Detector In The Snow

Will my depth detection be affected by the snow? 

Yes, unfortunately, if the ground is covered by a fairly thick level of snow then the depth your metal detector can detect will be limited.

You will need to make sure your metal detector is waterproof and you have some kind of rake to make your detection easier, you can additionally try raising the sensitivity on your device and lowering the discrimination.

Why should I metal detect during the winter?

Metal detecting during the winter can be very rewarding and fun, there’s not a lot of people around meaning you have a higher chance of finding objects and you can find a lot more interesting objects that people might have dropped in the snow.

You can also find a lot of great locations that don’t have snow such as the beach coastline or water that hasn’t iced over.

Can the cold damage my metal detector?

Yes, the cold could potentially damage your metal detector if it has an LCD screen, your battery may also run out of charge quickly due to the cold weather so you should try to keep it as warm as possible.

Last Words

Overall, there is no reason why you can’t get your metal detector out in the snow and continue having fun with your hobby during the winter.

Just remember you might not be able to detect as far down as you like due to the thick snow and you will have to ensure that your detector is waterproof, also remember to wrap up warm and bring the necessary tools needed to make finding objects easier.

You should additionally keep your metal detectors battery warm and avoid damaging the LCD screen due to the cold.

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