Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

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The Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector – Our Guide

Whilst not much is known about Viewee as a company, one thing is for sure, they have produced a much loved and highly recommended metal detector. The Viewee Lightweight metal detector is aimed at children from the age of seven upwards and their main purpose is to bring happiness to every child.

Treasure hunting inspires children of a young age, their imaginations grow, they spend more time in the fresh air and their patience is encouraged to develop.

If you’re looking for a metal detector for your child and aren’t looking to spend a fortune, the Viewee Lightweight metal detector might be the right choice for you!

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What are the Main Features of the Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector?

  • Lightweight – At the weight of three pounds, the Viewee Lightweight metal detector is light and easy to move around, if the user finds it too heavy, they can always get their mum or dad to carry it for them until they’re ready to detect some metal.
  • Ease of Use – As the Viewee Lightweight metal detector is aimed at younger children, the controls have to be pretty easy to grasp, and Viewee have certainly made this possible in the manufacturing of their metal detector.
  • Waterproof Search Coil – The search coil is waterproof, but the user is advised to not submerge it too deep. It’s better utilised near shore lines or small streams of water.

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Viewee have designed their metal detector to be simple but fun for their target age group.

The stem and concentric search coil are black whilst the control panel, on/off switch and the screw near the search coil are all orange coloured. These colours go well together and will offer your child a sense of satisfaction when they receive it. The stem is also adjustable, so it isn’t an awkward height for the user.

The Viewee Lightweight metal detector is powered by a 9 volt battery, this type of battery is used in expensive metal detectors and will give the user several hours of metal detecting fun.

Additionally, provided with this metal detector is a plastic beach shovel and a carrier bag for the metal detector. These accessories will add to the excitement of metal detecting with your child.

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What is the Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector built to detect?

Many users of the Viewee Lightweight metal detector have found some amazing treasures, ranging from coins to rings amongst other tantalising treasures. Finding these items help your child to feel accomplished as well as adding to happy family memories.

The Viewee Lightweight metal detector can find all sorts of metals, these include: Coins, Gold, Silver, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Tin, Lead and Bronze.

Imagine the joy on their little faces when they discover a lost treasure. Those moments are truly priceless.

Obviously, the Viewee Lightweight metal detector isn’t a highly technological machine, so the user will have limited use on mineralised soils and sands. When this happens, the sensitivity level can be lowered to eliminate false signals, but it can’t be guaranteed that the user will find anything.

Still, this product has been said to be excellent on the beach. Why not try it out on your next beach trip?

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Controls and Display

Aforementioned, the controls are very simple.

There is one switch at the top of the detector, on the handle, which turns the detector on and off. Clicking this button forward turns it on, the green light will come on and this means the metal detector is ready to go.

There is also a sensitivity dial, this is described as an automatic adjustment function near the power switch, the instructions online aren’t translated very well but rest assured that the Viewee Lightweight metal detector comes with an instruction manual which will hopefully be printed in better English.

The display screen is also easy to understand, when turned on the screen displays a picture which looks like an upside down Wi-fi signal with an arrow in a target above it and a battery indicator, these icons add a bit of character and excitement to the metal detector.

When scanning for a metal, the metal detector will buzz from the little speaker beside the power button, and this will inform the user that there’s a treasure to be found.

How exciting!

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Viewee Lightweight Metal Detector?

  • Value – At a price of £48.99, this metal detector is a steal. Have fun spending endless hours of metal detecting with all the family.
  • Gift – If your child is a metal detector enthusiast, why not purchase the Viewee Lightweight metal detector? Customers have been thrilled with this product, and so have their children.
  • Warranty – Included with the purchase of the Viewee Lightweight metal detector is a two year warranty, this is ideal for the user should the detector break or suddenly start to malfunction.
  • Recommended – Despite some negative Nina’s, the Viewee Lightweight metal detector comes highly recommended. These parents and their children have found a multitude of impressive treasures and they’re unlikely to stop any time soon.
  • Memories – Ultimately, what matters is, that the whole family are able to go out and have a great time together. Spending time in the great outdoors and bonding with each other is something the whole family will benefit from, and using the Viewee Lightweight metal detector could provide the opportunity for the family to do just that.
  • Quality – Some users have pointed out the low quality of the item. This probably reflects in the price as well as the fact that this item is meant for a child, it probably could be built to be a bit sturdier but the majority of other users have been very happy with the quality. We’ll put it down to differing opinions.
  • Unhappy Customers – Of course, every product has its critics and some users have voiced their complaints. For some the Viewee Lightweight metal detector is too weak, too cheap, and too disappointing. Viewee do well to deal with each claim and if you aren’t happy with their product then you can easily send it back.

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Summary and Conclusion

The Viewee Lightweight metal detector is a truly impressive metal detector. Naturally, comparing it to adult metal detectors will reveal it’s inferior abilities but for a child, it could mean everything to just go out metal detecting with mum and dad.

The basic functions of the Viewee Lightweight metal detector are perfect for a younger child and when they go metal detecting, their minds and personalities are encouraged to grow. These memories will last long into their adulthood.

We adore this sweet little metal detector and we think that you and your child will do also.

It really is the thought that counts when giving this as a gift. A gift I’m sure every child would appreciate.

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