Does Gold Set Off Airport Metal Detectors? Find Out Here!

Will Gold Items Set Off Airport Security?

If you are a fan of gold jewellery or you have a special gold pendant brought for you as a gift, you might reluctant to take these expensive gold items off and stick them on the conveyer belt (which is within good reason). 

The good news is, detectors at airports will not care too much about these sorts of metal because they will only be carried within a small size, they are also not a magnetic metal, so raise fewer questions than cheap metals used in costume jewellery.

To find out more about whether or not you can take gold through security, we have put together a short informational guide below that will tell you everything you need to know about gold and detectors at airports. 

Can Gold Alert an Airport Metal Detector? 

Most of the time, there is no issue wearing your gold earrings or gold expensive jewellery through the scanner at the airport, this is because these are not magnetic and very small, meaning your gold ring should sail through security with little issues. 

The same goes for silver, the security system will be able to detect these metals, but it won’t cause an alarm unless you are wearing numerous pieces of jewellery. 

Should I Carry Gold Jewellery In My Carry-On?

There is no need to carry gold jewellery in your carry on if your only wearing the odd ring, losing these expensive valuable items on the belt can be a big deal, a matter of fact, we recommend never packing a gold item in your checked luggage either incase your bags get lost. 

The type of jewellery that you should take off however is costume jewellery, this cheap metal is notorious for setting off airport detectors, so remove these and put them on to your tray with your other everyday items if you want to avoid settings off the alarm at airport security.

Tips To Protect Your Gold Jewellery When Going On Flights

Now you know the best way to take your gold through security is by wearing it, you should also take a couple of other precautions when going on your trip. 

Jewelry sets of gold and silver: chain and ring
  • Get it insured – Gold and silver jewellery piece are by no means cheap, so make sure you have the necessary insurance before flying.
  • Make it secure – If you are not going to be wearing your gold jewellery and are instead taking it in your carry-on then you should ensure it stays secure in a metal earrings box.
  • Take pictures – Keep visual pictures of each piece of jewellery whether silver rings or a watch then note down the value for insurance.
  • Don’t give it attention – Avoid flashing around your expensive items too much and ask for the security personnel to search you in private.

What Else Can Set Off Airport Security?

Now you know that it’s unlikely your gold jewellery will set off the walk-through metal detectors at the airport, you might be wondering about your metal buttons or other clothing items that could set off the airport security alarm. 

To help you avoid a pat-down by security we have listed out some other possible item types that you may need to remove.

  • Peanut butter – Even common items like your PB can set off the individual security scanner due to it being considered a liquid.
  • Aluminium foil – Aluminum wrappers are known to set off the security alarm device and should be avoided in a carry-on.
  • Rhinestones – Rhinestones can be common non-metallic items like clothing and jackets so make sure to remove these as they have the potential to set off the security alarm.
  • Moisturiser – Believe it or not, some moisturisers contain specific chemicals that will require an extra security check.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold & Airport Security

Can dental implants set off security metal detector systems?

It is very unlikely dental implants will set off security as they are made of gold or silver and even titanium which is used in very small amounts and not very conductive, the sensitivity of these metal detector systems is never set high enough to be alerted to these small implant metal too.

Will sterling silver be detected by a metal detector?

Yes, sterling silver can still be detected by security at the airport as it is mostly still made up of silver with only a small part of it being made from alloys, however, in the forms of earrings or bracelets, it is unlikely it will raise an alarm.

Should I pack my gold jewellery in my checked luggage for my trip?

No, always wear jewellery or have it in a secured case inside of your carry-on, this is because if your checked luggage gets lost or the jewellery goes missing it will be very hard to get back.

Last Words 

Overall, gold can be carried through the airport with no issues as long it is small and in the form of jewellery, however, carrying an excessive amount of gold items might raise some security questions and set off the alarm of the metal detector. 

Always avoid carrying your expensive valuables like this in your checked luggage in case it gets lost and don’t leave it on the conveyer belt as it is more likely to get stolen, remove costume jewellery and put it in your carry-on rather than gold or silver. 

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