Garrett AT Pro Review – 2019 – 2020

Garrett AT Pro Review

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Garrett AT Pro Review

Many children enjoy this hobby and take part in specially designed competitions to test their detect abilities.

So why do people get into metal detecting?

Let’s begin with two very simple questions

1 Why do people get into metal detecting?

2 What is so exciting and addictive about it?

One of the most important things to understand is that the reason people chose to detect varies greatly but there are few common reasons and these include:

  • History buffs love the excitement of being able to hold something that hasn’t seen the light of day in hundreds or maybe even thousands of years is one reason. To them it is not only digging up the pat but learning more about it I the process.
  • Others like to collect items such as coins and buttons and the thrill comes from adding to their collection.
  • Another important one factor is simply the love of being outside and exploring the world. Even though metal detecting isn’t a form of cardio exercise it is still exercise due to all the walking that is involves and some people do it more for the health benefits than anything else. Using a detector just helps give them purpose to their walks and it is also a great way to make new friends.
  • Of course, there is also the chance of making some money by selling your interesting finds. In some cases people have been paid vast amounts of money as a finder’s fee from museums and even the crown.

Although the last one if very tempting and some people have managed to pocket rather sizeable amounts of money thanks to their chosen hobby it isn’t usually the highest priority for most that tale up this hobby.

Contrary to popular belief, most people who chose to go out metal detecting are often history buffs and collectors who have little to no interest in the finical rewards their hobby can bring. Their desire is to find hidden treasures to help build up local knowledge about the area’s past. A lot can be said for what can be found in the ground and the information it can hold about what was here before all the houses, roads and cars become common place.

Metal detecting can become rather addictive, it’s a bit like Pringles once you pop you can’t stop, especially if you find yourself uncovering artefacts that are hundreds of years old.

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So, how do you get started in metal detecting?

First, let us cover the type of equipment you will need and then we can go on to talk about different places you can go to for a hunt. There are literally so many different makes and models on the markets it can be hard to know where to begin, so let me break it down for you so it is easier to understand.

To begin with you will probably want to start out with an entry level detector, this could be to ensure that you actual enjoy this hobby but it cold also be due to your current allowed budget.

Some people will suggest that extras such as extra coils, pin pointers, diggers, carry bags and covers are all needed but if you want to test this hobby out start small and build up once you know you enjoy it. Don’t spend money on something until you’re sure this is for you. The amount of equipment available to purchase it almost endless and while all of those things do come in handy for the more experienced hunter, when you are first starting out and testing the waters in this hobby all you will  really need to have is a metal detector.

The price of an entry level detector can range from £100 to maybe £400, the mid ranges can go from £400+ to £800 and the high-end models will start at £800 and go into the thousands, depending on the specs and feature available.

The best and most commonly visited places to hunt are going to be:

  • Public school grounds and playing fields
  • Public parks, but make sure you are allowed to detect there before you begin as some local authorities have restrictions on this.
  • Beaches are another great place as people are forever losing items in the sand.
  • Woods and forests are another good place to look, but again make sure you do not require permission or a permit before you head out.
  • Private Property – such as farm lands and again you will need consent from the land owner.

Before we go any further I want to reiterate the importance of gaining the required permission to hunt on private land and some public lands. Going on a hunt in these places without permission is a not acceptable in this hobby and again even though a place is a public property you should still check to see if you are allowed to use a metal detector there. You may well find that even some of your local public parks will not allow metal detecting. If you are in doubt always check first so you do not get yourself into trouble.

When hunting out in the woods or forest be sure to keep a keen eye out for sign posts that denote property lines. It is easier than you think to wander off into someone’s private property when you think you’re still on public lands. Beaches on the other hand are usually a safe bet but again it is best to look out for signs just to be on safe.

Lastly, let us look into hunting on private property. Hunting on private property and the associated lands will usually be the best ground by far for a few reasons.

Firstly, you can find out from the land owner if anyone else has even detected there, and secondly the landowner may be able to give you clues as to where to start your hunt. They may have noticed some broken pottery by the edge of a field a few years ago after ploughing and this would give you a good place to start the hunt. You will probably need to come to an agreement that any finds are shared as not all land owners will willing give up finds especially if they turn out to be high in value.

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There is a code of conduct that must be adhered to and a copy of this code can be found on various websites such as and The code basically covers how you should conduct yourself while detecting, whether it is on private or publicly owned lands. It covers area such as:

  • I will respect private and public property, all historical and archaeological sites and will do no metal detecting on these lands without proper permission.
  • I will keep informed on and obey all local and national legislation relating to the discovery and reporting of found treasures.
  • I will aid law enforcement officials whenever possible.
  • I will cause no wilful damage to property of any kind, including fences, signs, and buildings.
  • I will always fill the holes I dig.
  • I will not destroy property, buildings or the remains of deserted structures.
  • I will not leave litter or other discarded junk items lying around.
  • I will carry all rubbish and dug targets with me when I leave each search area.
  • I will observe the Golden Rule, using good outdoor manners and conducting myself at all times in a manner which will add to the stature and public image of all people engaged in the field of metal detection.

There are many areas that will yield a better chance of significant finds and it is worth doing your homework to discover where these are. In most cases farmlands tend to be really good as the constant movement of the soil allows for older items to by churned up and closer to the surface. Also, areas that are prone to flooding can yield some interesting finds as the flood water will remove the upper layers of soils and expose hidden treasure underneath.

So, with all of the above in mind let’s take a look at the model by Garrett to see what features it has to offer you and why you should consider purchasing it.

Garrett was established in 1964 by a husband and wife duo who had the drive and desire to make the best possible metal detectors available and to sell them at a fair and reasonable price. Through the couple’s vision and direction during the next 50 years their business, that began life in a garage, grew to become one of the the world’s largest manufacturers of metal detection equipment. Their early inventions pioneered and drove the modern metal detector sector and the company’s security detectors were the first to protect the Olympic Games back in 1984.

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Today Garrett has three separate divisions, each one dedicated to a different field of metal detection, these are:

  • Sports division
  • Security division
  • Countermine/ERW division

The AT Pro comes in under the sports section and in this area, there are a total of 13 models in the United Sates options and 13 in the International section. The AT Pro is available in both sections and the only difference in the name, the international model is the AT Pro International on their website but will be referred to as an AT Pro overseas.

The key features of this model include:

  • Pro Mode Audio™: Proportional Audio and Tone Roll Audio™ features allow the user to hear characteristics of a target as they would in a True All-Metal Mode.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination™: Use touchpads to set iron discrimination in one of 40 levels for precise ability to separate good targets from trash.
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish one target’s conductivity from another.
  • Iron Audio™: Allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal’s range
  • Fast Recovery Speed: Allows greater ability to pick out good targets amongst trash
  • All Terrain Versatility: Weatherproof housing designed for dusty, humid or wet environments; unit can be submerged to a maximum 10-foot depth.
  • 15 kHz frequency: improved detection of small targets, gold nuggets, jewellery
  • Ground Balance: automatic and manually adjustable for improved performance
  • Graphic Target Analyzer™ (GTA): identifies target’s conductivity
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: to determine target depth
  • Battery Condition Indicator: shows battery life continually
  • Search Modes (Discrimination Patterns): 6 plus electronic pinpointing
  • Select from Custom, Zero or Coins in Standard Mode or in Professional Mode
  • Pinpoint

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The specifications of this unit are:

Target ID Cursor Segments                          20 (notchable)

Iron Discrimination Segments                     40

Accept/Reject Discrimination                     Yes

Search Modes                                                   6 (3 Standard, 3 Pro modes)

Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments                 8

Electronic Pinpointing                                    Yes

Frequency                                                          15 kHz

Audio Tone ID Levels                                      3

Standard Searchcoil                                        8.5″ x 11″ DD PROformance™

Length (Adjustable)                                        1.06m – 1.29m (42″ to 51″)

Total Weight                                                      1.4 kgs. (3.03 lbs.)

Batteries                                                              4 AA (included)

Warranty                                                             2 Year, Limited Parts/Labour


There are also a number of interchangeable search coils that can be used with the AT Pro metal detector which help make it a very versatile piece of kit. These range from a super sniper at 4.5 inches to a 9 x 12 concentric search coil.


Features – Pro Mode Audio – High-Res Iron Discrimination – Digital Target ID – Iron Audio – Fast Recovery Speed – All Terrain Versatility – Graphic Target Analyzer – Continuous Coin Depth Indicator -Battery Condition Indicator –  Search modes, Custom, Zero or Coins in Standard Mode – Pinpoint.

Pricing – Mid Range – Approximately £600

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This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewellery, and even gold nuggets. You can select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features to make the process of hunting more involving and enjoyable. This is a great mid range model that has everything you could possibly need in a metal detector and that added bonus of having interchangeable coils makes it so versatile you may never need another metal detector ever again.

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