Fisher F44 Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

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Features, Performance & Depth Of The F44

If you are in the market of buying  the Fisher F44 Metal Detector, then this review is for you. We look into its features, performance and value for money to help you decide. The latest model in the F Series, the Fisher F44 from Fisher Research Labs has a back lit display screen for hunting in low light conditions as well as a 11” search coil. This detector is versatile and weatherproof and can be used in dry and wet conditions. As reasonably priced, well functioning machine, the Fisher F44 is easy-to-operate which is ideal for entry level metal detector enthusiasts.

What can you use it for?

You can use  this detector to search for artifacts, jewelry, coins and even create a custom search in your own parameters. It has 5 different search modes – Jewelry Mode, Coin Mode, Artifact Mode, Custom Mode and of  course the All Metal mode as well. This device is best suited for beginners who are new to the hobby of metal detecting as this machine is a basic device.

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Design & Appearance

At first glance, this detector at only 2.3lbs is lightweight and it also comes with an adjustable Iron Audio which is conveniently to quickly pass up on trash. It also includes a waterproof control box which has manual and automatic balance.

The F44 has an intuitive screen with plenty of great features such as the aforementioned back-lit  option for low light conditions and it also includes a 9-segment discrimination scale. This features helps you to determine what may have found. It has an intuitive depth indicator, a two-digital target identification as well as a battery power indicator.

Your first impression with this detector’s screen is that it is large and easy to read. No need to squint with its two-digital target identification.

Take note though this is a weather proof detector that enables you to use even when it is raining. However, this is not a submersible detector which means you can’t take it underwater. Overall, this device is value for money if what you’re looking for is a sleek detector that comes with an affordable price  tag. While it does not tell you exactly what item you’ve found on the ground, the suggestions are pretty close. It is a basic, lightweight detector that does exactly what it says it is going to do which makes it perfect for beginners to dabble in it. For an advanced treasure hunter though, this detector is too basic.

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Key Features

Released in 2015, the  F44 detector is one of the newer detectors in the Fisher’s popular F series. It is the replacement of other earlier F4 models. Among its key features are:

  • Weatherproof
  • 9-Segment Visual Target-ID Manual Ground Balance
  • Large 2-Digit, 1-99 Numeric Target-ID
  • Iron Identifier Icon
  • 7.69 kHz. Operating Frequency
  • 11″ Concentric Elliptical ~ 2 AA Batteries

It’s a great detector because its lightweight and  the Iron Identifier Icon can help sift through trash and this saves a whole load of time and trouble but the downside is that you cannot take it with you to do some beach hunting. It is not the kind of detector you can use on wet sand or even saltwater coastlines.

The 11” elliptical concentric coil is also ideally shaped to fit into smaller nooks and crannies and it also has a more superior accuracy at picking up objects. You’ll be glad to know that the coil is waterproof and can be submerged  in water.

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Comparisons With Other Detectors

Fisher F22 VS. Fisher F44

How does the F44 compare with other metal detectors? Let’s begin with the F22. A lot of you may be thinking if the F44 worth that extra money when you could get an F22 at a cheaper price. The truth is, yes- the extra money is worth it and for good reason. The Fisher F44 is the top of the line in the Fisher series and if you’re thinking of getting this as a gift for an enthusiast, this the F44 is certainly suitable for beginners. It’s ground balancing feature that the F22 does not and it also has the manual/automatic feature.

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Fisher F44 VS Garrett AT Pro

Comparing the F44 to the Garrett AT Pro, this detector is an excellent choice if you plan to introduce your kids to metal detecting as a hobby simply because the F44 is lighter in weight and easier to use. The Garrett AT Pro does not have a manual ground balancing feature and it also has just a waterproof coil. The F44  has both a waterproof coil and the entire device is completely waterproof which means it can be used in the rain. Overall, you get more bang for your buck by going with the Fisher F44 especially if you want to get this for beginners.

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The F44 is a detector that we would recommend for anyone looking for a basic detector to begin with that would not cost you an arm and a leg. It is high quality and is perfect for someone who is starting out. The five search modes and adjustable iron audio as well as its waterproof element all make it value for money.  The only major setback would be where and when you can use the detector. Damp places, wet sand or salty water is off limits. The screen is among the key features with its back lit display that makes this detector worthy of its price. The question to ask here is what will you be using the detector for? If you want to get this for your child to have a go at metal detection or if you want a basic and good quality detector to use when the need  arises, then this machine rises to the occasion. You might want to skip this if what you want is more advanced features and a detector that is suited for a wetter terrain.

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