Deteknix Xpointer Pinpointer Review 2019 – 2020

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The Deteknix X Pointer Pro Pin Pointer – Our Guide

Deteknix, also known as Quest, are a Chinese based company who have recently moved into the metal detecting niche. Despite not being widely known, Deteknix/Quest have wasted no time in making their move on this ever growing market and aim to supply the users with all sorts of metal detecting goodies.
Today we’ll be reviewing the X Pointer Pro pin pointer which is one of Deteknix/Quest’s more popular products. But what makes it tick?

What are the Main Features of the X Pointer Pro Pin Pointer?

  • Waterproof – Not only is the X Pointer Pro waterproof but the user can dive with it up to 60 metres (200ft) in fresh or salty water. This means the user can swim to deep wrecks and find those hidden treasures without a hitch.
  • Microprocessor Circuitry – Having microprocessor circuitry means the user is able to have maximum sensitivity. With the four adjustable sensitivity levels the user won’t have to make any adjustments or repetitively fine tune their pin pointer.
  • Radio Alarm Indication Technology – The alarm frequency on the X Pointer Pro pin pointer changes depending on how far away the target is, regardless of any sensitivity level. This helps the user estimate the depth of their target.

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The X Pointer Pro pin pointer has a simple design and is easy to use, even a child could get the hang of how this pin pointer works. The tip of the pin pointer has gorilla tough coil wiring, making it tough and robust if the pin pointer should be knocked about or ground deep into holes.

The full length of the X Pointer Pro pin pointer is 25cm and it runs on a built in 3.7 volt Li-Poly battery. Charging the battery takes up to 2-3 hours, with the USB provided, and the estimated run time goes up to around 10 hours.

Supplied with the X Pointer Pro pin pointer is a range of useful accessories which include: A holster, a lanyard, two 0-Ring seals and two protective tip caps. The two protective tip caps are especially handy when the user is searching in sandy/rockier areas.

The exterior is a ribbed, ergonomic body, that is streamline and symmetric in design.
That isn’t all, they say Orange is the new Black, well, if you’re a huge orange fan you will not be disappointed. The outer shell is a fluorescent orange, a very brave and loud colour.

Other well known brands have used this colour before, though, one thing is for sure, the X Pointer Pro pin pointer will definitely not go missing easily!


Remarkably, there are only two buttons that control the X Pointer Pro pin pointer, a Power button and a Mode button. These two buttons basically, turn the pin pointer on, adjust the sensitivity, turns the flashlight on and adjusts the audio/vibration alert settings.
The alert settings include an LED alert, a vibration alert and an audio alert, all very useful to identify where the target is hidden.

When the battery is low or the X Pointer Pro pin pointer has been left on without detecting anything for three minutes, there will be a few beeps to alert the owner of its current state.

We don’t have much else to say about the controls, the manual included will explain everything and it’s as easy as that!

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What are the Pros and Cons of the X Pointer Pro Pin Pointer?

  • Lightweight – The X Pointer Pro pin pointer weighs about the same as a hamster at 7 ounces, this makes it easy to carry around and pull out when needed to detect.
  • Automatic Retune – When turned off after an outing, the X Pointer Pro automatically calibrates and saves your previous settings so you can use them for your next metal detecting trip.
  • Functionality – Many users have praised the X Pointer Pro’s functionality saying there are no problems and it works just as advertised. High praise indeed!
  • Accessories – Having accessories included makes the user feel they’re getting more bang for their buck. These accessories are extremely useful and having them prevents the user forking out even more money to buy the products separately.
  • Warranty – Some sites offer a one year warranty if your item should become faulty.
  • Value – At just over £80, the value of the X Pointer Pro pin pointer is excellent. Expensive, well known brands charge a lot more, so why not try something cheaper, a pin pointer that’s still reliable.
  • Buttons – There is one con and it is that sometimes the buttons can be a little stiff to use. Oh the humanities!

How does the X Pointer Pro compare to the Deteknix/Quest X Pointer Land Pin Pointer?

Deteknix/Quest have also brought out the X Pointer Land Pin Pointer which compliments the X Pointer Pro in the fact that one is waterproof and the other is just water resistant – basically, don’t go submerging a pin pointer made for land.

They essentially operate the same way, only the X Pointer Land Pin Pointer is more suited to, well, land. It demonstrates this by its effectiveness when used in mineralised soils, red clay, salty and wet sands amongst other areas that pin pointers don’t usually operate well in.

The X Pointer Land Pin Pointer can operate in temperatures of -37 Degrees Celsius to 70 Degrees Celsius, if you can deal with those freezing and boiling temperatures then you can metal detect all year round.

Like the X Pointer Pro, the X Pointer Land Pin Pointer comes highly recommended, with users claiming they’re better than the more expensive well known brands pin pointers. Additionally, if you’re not planning on going for a swim with your pin pointer, the X Pointer Land Pin Pointer is a lower price than it’s waterproof partner.

Accessories are also included and the Land Pin Pointer comes in black as well as orange, so if you’re not a fan of loud colours, then black is a good alternative.

Buying either of these models from Deteknix/Quest is a great idea, they are reliable and will last longer than you will expect.

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Summary and Conclusion

Deteknix/Quest are gaining more and more popularity with their affordable and reliable metal detecting products. Customers have ditched the higher priced brands and risked their pockets to try the X Pointer Pro out and they have not come away disappointed.

We are impressed with the dedication Deteknix/Quest have given to the manufacturing of their products, and we’re hoping that new and upcoming ideas will be just as good as these amazing pin pointers.

See you in the future Deteknix/Quest!

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