CS4PI Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

The C-Scope C.S4Pi – Our Guide

C-Scope are a leading British business who design and manufacture high quality metal detectors. The C-Scope C.S4Pi metal detector we’re looking at today is a pulse induction metal detector, pulse induction means the metal detector uses one search coil as both a transmitter and a receiver, basically it sends out radio waves and then reads the signals that bounce back, like a radar.

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What are the Main Features of the C-Scope C.S4Pi?

  • Frequency Control – With an easy to use control dial, the C-Scope C.S4Pi beats out 1k-4.2k pps (pulses per second) making metal contaminants in the ground stand out like a sore thumb. Interference won’t be a problem when set to the correct setting, so false readings won’t effect the users treasure hunting.
  • Automatic Retune – When the user switches their C-Scope C.S4Pi off and then on, the metal detector will automatically retune back to the correct settings, saving the user time and energy in the process.
  • Audio and LED response – Using a loud speaker to bounce back signals from the ground and an LED light to alert the user as well, the C-S4Pi will find those precious treasures faster than ever before.
  • Waterproof Coil – The search coil has been made waterproof in order for the user to submerge it to a shallow depth to find those harder to reach relics. Surely this is ingenuity at its best.


The C-Scope C.S4Pi is designed to be lightweight and perfectly balanced. The stem has been counter balanced and is tailored so all users can set it to a comfortable height for them.
The control box is lightweight and can also be detached from the stem and mounted on the users belt, and with the arm rest the user has comfort at their finger tips.

The C-Scope C.S4Pi utilises an 11 inch elliptical search coil powered by 8 AA batteries or a rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
Considering the manual says the detector will only run for ten hours, 8 AA batteries does seem a considerable amount, other users though, have said it lasts longer. This being said, there are a numerous amount of detectors available on the market that will suck up less energy.

A search coil cover is also available to stop wear and tear when the coil inevitably hits the ground or other objects.

Ultimately, C-Scope have manufactured the C.S4Pi to bring comfort and ease of use to the user.

What is the C-Scope C.S4Pi built to detect?

The C-Scope C.S4Pi has been praised for its functionality when used in a beach setting, the mineralised sand doesn’t seem to effect it on the correct settings.
However, the C-Scope C.S4Pi does NOT have a discrimination setting! It will not tell you what types of metal you have found or how deep that metal is. This is a HUGE disadvantage considering that cheaper models are able to do this and more.

No discrimination setting means you’ll have to dig up EVERY piece of metal, whether that’s iron (most common), bottle tops, aluminium cans etc… the junk will appear more than the riches will. With practice, however, you might be able to decipher which metals are which by listening to the different tones, but this is A LOT of hassle.

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Control Panel

The C-Scope C.S4Pi does not have a display, rather, it is characterised by a simple control panel. At first glance, the control panel may look scary, but once you know which switch does what, you’ll definitely feel more confident. Buttons from left to right:

  • On/Off/Sensitivity – The rotary control switches the power on and off as well as adjusting the sensitivity. Green is the recommended area to stay between as it caters for most ground characteristics. At its most sensitive end, (in the red) the user will hear a solid tone which generally means the user has gone too far.
  • Loud Speaker – The loud speaker alerts the user, along with the LED light to where a metal contaminant has been found, deep in the ground.
  • Pulse Frequency Selector – Staying in the recommended green zone will be of most benefit to the user, however, the user can always experiment with these dials. The pulse frequency selector will help cut out those low annoying tones that are often false readings, and make sure there’s no interference.
  • Red Battery Symbol – At the end of the pulse frequency selector, there is a red battery symbol. Switching to this will notify the user of the remaining battery life. A tone 1-2 seconds long means the battery is good, and no tone means the batteries need changing/charging.

The C-Scope C.S4Pi metal detector looks quite generic, it’s a simple black with red and green on the control panel to denote where the recommended settings are. White writing surrounds these controls. It honestly looks like any other metal detector, we can see C-Scope probably tailored it to look professional but we can’t help but think that it looks more like a games console than high quality technology.

What are the Pros and Cons of the C-Scope C.S4Pi?

  • Functionality – C-Scope have impressed us with the functionality of the C.S4Pi metal detector. It oozes energy and ease of use. A user friendly machine is always an advantage for detectorists new and old.
  • Lightweight – At a weight of just 3lbs, holding the C-Scope C.S4Pi is like holding three tubs of butter. Lighter weight means less strain on the users arm when scanning small or large areas.
  • Headphone Jack – Having a loud speaker means that everyone will cotton on to where the metal treasures can be found, keep it a secret by using the headphone port!
  • Guarantee – Some sites offer a five year guarantee, so be sure to take advantage of it, just in case there are any problems with your metal detector in future.
  • Powerful – With so many batteries needed to power it, the C-Scope C.S4Pi is a very powerful machine, it can pick up all sorts of items at differing depths. Finding those relics will be effortless, but don’t strain your back!
  • No Discrimination – As noted earlier, this is a big disadvantage. Metal detecting is much easier when the user knows which metal they’re digging up and how far down it is, so unfortunately C-Scope lets us down here.
  • No Display – A screen would have benefited the C-Scope C.S4Pi in so many ways, it would have felt like a more professional metal detector, but alas, we cannot have everything.
  • Look – The overall look of the product doesn’t stand out as something impressive, rather it starts to look more and more like a child’s toy.
  • Batteries – Spending a fortune on batteries isn’t ideal, many metal detectors can function on a less amount, this being said the eight AA batteries the user buys must contribute to the powerful metal detecting function.
  • High Price – At over £300, the C-Scope C.S4Pi isn’t an easy purchase. Affordability must have been replaced by functionality and unfortunately it leaves us a bit deflated, a cheaper price would have put the C.S4Pi in our pro section under value for money.

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Summary and Conclusion

C-Scope may have been running for 40 years in the metal detector business but their C.S4Pi model has much to be improved upon. Whilst the C.S4Pi is and impressive and powerful machine its lack of technology including depth and discrimination settings really set it back.

No doubt it can find every bit of metal you can think of, making it great for any treasure hunt, you might need some patience to find the treasure though.

Overall it functions extremely well, if you’re brave enough to pay the price for the C-Scope C.S4Pi we’re sure as like other metal detectors it will pay you back in hours of joy and lots of metallic finds.

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