Waterproof All Round Top Pinpointers of 2019 – 2020

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The Best Pinpointers

You’ve detected a target. Excitedly, you start digging, but you can’t see any metal. You scan over the area again with the detector and it’s still bleeping, but there’s no luck in finding the treasure.

It’s likely that we’ve all faced this situation, and it leaves us feeling frustrated. What could be the answer to this problem? The answer is quite simple actually, what you need is a metal detecting pinpointer. These nifty little machines are extremely useful for hunting out those hidden metals and are generally very easy to use.

Who should use a Pinpointer metal detector?

I suggest that all metal detecting enthusiasts should own a metal detecting pointer. I’ve found that when I go out metal detecting, bending down to sift out sand beneath my fingers is a very cumbersome task, especially if the metallic object is very small. Using a pinpointer will make your life so much easier, it will help you to locate your targets swiftly and it will save you time and effort in the process.

Our Top Three Favourite Metal Detecting Pinpointer’s

1. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer

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Coming in at No.1 is the Garrett Pro Pointer AT Pinpointer.

Affectionately known as ‘The Carrot’, the Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer is a favourite for many keen detectorists. This pinpointer/metal detector is manufactured in the USA by the tech giant, Garrett, who provide an impressive range of pinpoint metal detector’s and various handheld pinpointers.

What are the Main Features of the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer?

  • Waterproof – The Pro Pointer pinpointer is water proof and it is submersible to a depth of 3 meters (10 feet), thus enabling the user to go underwater treasure hunting. How exciting!
  • Single Button Operation – One button controls everything with this fantastic pinpointer. Power, Retune, Sensitivity and Silent Settings are at the users disposal with one tap of a button.
  • Fast Retune – Having this setting instantly tunes out the surrounding environment and narrows the detection field for precise pinpointing.

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First Impressions/Design

Being bright orange and about 23cm long, I can understand why the Pro Pointer AT Pinpointer is called ‘The Carrot’. One thing that is apparent, is you definitely won’t lose this metal detector pinpointer very easily.

Powered by a 9 volt battery (AA batteries can also be used), the Pro Pointer should give the user around 30 hours of battery life. Batteries are included with some purchases.

Impressively, this product can operate in temperatures of -37 Degrees Celsius to 70 Degrees Celsius, making it perfect for all weather conditions.

Also included on the Pinpointer body are, a Lanyard Attachment Loop, a Waterproof Speaker, an LED Flashlight, a Scraping Blade, a Pinpointing Tip, a 360 Degree detection area, Power/Retune Button, a Sealed Battery cover, as well as a ruler etched into one side and a woven belt holster.

I can see it’s a clearly well thought out product, and quite lightweight also, it’s definitely built to last with it’s sturdy exterior casing and the woven belt holster is a nice touch.

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Each pin pointer is provided with an instruction manual, but here’s a quick review on how to use their Pro Pointer.

  • Powering On – Press and then release the power button, making sure to keep the pinpointer away from any metallic objects. Two beeps should sound and then the LED light will turn on also, this indicates that the Power is on.
  • Powering Off – Hold the power button down for half a second until a single beep or vibration is heard, this indicates that the pinpointer is turned off.
  • Adjustment Mode – To enter this mode, press and hold the power button for two seconds. A single beep followed by a dual tone beep and flashing LED light will indicate that this setting is on. After, repeatedly press the button to cycle through the 6 settings:
  •  1 beep    =  minimum Sensitivity, with audio
  • 2 beeps  =  medium Sensitivity, with audio (Default setting)
  • 3 beeps  =  maximum Sensitivity, with audio
  • 1 vibrate  =  minimum Sensitivity/Silent
  • 2 vibrate  =  medium Sensitivity/Silent
  • 3 vibrate  =  maximum Sensitivity/Silent
  • Fast Retune – To tune out the detection of saltwater, wet sand or highly mineralized ground, hold the tip of the pinpointer to the water, sand or soil and quickly press the power button for an instant Retune.

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These controls are relatively easy to use and the adjustable sensitivity is a great factor. I think it will take a little bit of practice to understand them fully though.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer?

  • Quality – Garrett, being one of the best leading brands in the metal detecting market, have always provided users with quality made items, and they continue to do so.
  • Highly Recommended – 82% of reviewers on Amazon absolutely love this product, the amount of praise it has received is overwhelming.
  • Lightweight – Weighing 254g, this pinpointer model is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Warranty – A 2 year warranty is available with each purchase of this Pro Pointer.
  • Automatic Power Off – If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably forget to turn off your pinpointer, don’t fret, because this pinpointer will automatically power off when it isn’t being used.
  • Price – Coming in at around £127, the Pro Pointer AT is a tad on the expensive side. A few added accessories, might have made the product more appealing, but all in all, you are receiving a great quality item for your money.
  • Colour – This is just my own personal preference, orange is a very loud colour, so I would rather have a pin pointer that looks like the Garrett Pro Pointer II, which is the second best pinpointer on our list.

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It’s not hard to see why the Pro Pointer AT is our top pick. It is tailored for all users, and I believe it to be a durable and quality made item. Everyone who uses this product will be impressed by its abilities and we couldn’t recommend it more highly than it already has been.

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2. The Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer

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Coming in at No.2 is another pinpointer from Garrett. Which is hardly surprising when you consider the fact they’re pretty much the best brand to go to when it comes to metal detecting. The Pro Pointer Mark II is the newer pinpointer model, it was preceded by our top pick today but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got its own advantages.

What are the Main Features of the Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer?

  • Weatherproof – Whilst this isn’t a waterproof pinpointer, it is still weatherproof, which means it can withstand heavy rain, muddy areas and the tip can be submersed in water, but do not submerge the entire detector under water.
  • Lost Pinpointer Alarm – After being on for five minutes with no button press, this pinpointer will send out chirps that will progressively get faster for 60 minutes.
  • Auto Off Feature – After an hour of chirping, the pinpointer will turn off.
  • Fast Retune – Quickly tune out salt water, wet sand or highly mineralised ground and precisely pinpoint larger targets with fast retune capabilities.

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First Impressions/Design

I much prefer the way the Pro Pointer Mark II looks compared with the Pro Pointer AT, but this being said, I could probably misplace it and wonder where it’s gone, unlike its orange counterpart. It is also 23cm long, but 32 grams lighter, which can make a lot of difference in a handheld gadget.

The Pro Pointer II is powered by a 9 volt battery which can provide the user with up to 30 hours of battery life. And it too can operate in temperatures of -37 Degrees Celsius to 70 Degrees Celsius.

Like the Pro Pointer AT, the Mark II includes: A Lanyard Attachment Loop, a Scraping Blade to sift through soil with ease, an LED light, a Battery cover, a 360 Degree Detection Area, a Pinpoint Detection Tip and a Single Button to operate the device.

Garrett have endeavoured to make this pinpointer metal detector even more practical than the Pro Pointer AT. I can see where they’ve done away with complicated button pressing functions but also where they’ve kept a lot of the Pro Pointer AT’s redeeming qualities. It leaves me a little underwhelmed, as I believe adding a few more functions could have improved the Mark II.

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When it comes to using the Pro Pointer II, it’s so simple, a child could operate it. The only button you have to press is the Power Button.

To Power On, press and release the power button, whilst holding the detector away from any metallic objects. The user will hear 2 beeps and the LED light will remain on.

To Power Off, press and release the power button to power off. The pin pointer will emit a single beep during its power down.

Obviously, it came as a surprise to me that these were the only operating functions. Much like the Pro Pointer AT I thought at least some adjustable sensitivity or sound controls would be included, but there isn’t. Which I applaud Garrett for, their bravery in delivering something so robust but without too much technology is astonishing.

It will appeal to customers who don’t like the hassle of clicking a button a gazillion times, but maybe less so to those who are hard core detectorists.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett Pro-Pointer II Pinpointer?

  • Quality – A sturdy outer casing for deep digging and rough ground conditions is what this Pro Pointer has, and we are glad of it.
  • IP 66 – The Pro Pointer II meets the IP 66 standards for dust and water protection.
  • Recommended 71% of users absolutely love this pin pointer and have given it a 5 star rating. It’s not as much as the Pro Pointer AT but it’s still pretty good.
  • Functionality – Albeit a bit simple, the functions of this pin pointer are easy to operate and work to a high standard.
  • Warranty – A 2 year warranty is available with the purchase of this product.
  • Price – At £110 I am a little disappointed. A small discount from our top pick, this pin pointer has less settings and isn’t waterproof.
  • Accessories – Considering the price, a few extra accessories would have been beneficial to the user and getting some cool freebies always makes people smile.

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Whilst it isn’t the best pinpointer, the Pro Pointer II isn’t too far behind. A few improvements might have even pushed it to the top spot. What I will say about it is that it would make a fantastic land pinpointer metal detector, one you could let your child use and it will continue to benefit all users who purchase it.

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3. TOPQSC Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer

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At No.3 is the TOPQSC Underwater Pinpointer, also known as the PI-iking 750. Although not much is known about the manufacturers, this pinpointer has gained a lot of recognition for its ease of use and customer satisfaction.

The TOPQSC Underwater Pinpointer is more suited to a beginner, with parents even buying this model for their children to enjoy. This being said, many adults have benefitted from its impressive detecting skills.

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What are the Main Features of the TOPQSC Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer?

  • Waterproof – Whilst the TOPQSC Pinpointer can detect in all types of ground conditions, it’s best suited for under water usage. With a unique seal design, it can reach depths of 30 meters (100 feet) in fresh and salt water. Making this device great for divers and beach goers.
  • Self Calibrating Microprocessor – With self calibrating microprocessor controlled circuitry the user won’t have to make any adjustments as the pinpointer will do all the work with sensitivity and accuracy.
  • Target Distance Alert – When the search coil is close to a target the detector will pulse faster and faster until the target is found.

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First Impressions/Design

My first impressions of the TOPQSC Pinpointer was that it looked like a fuel pump stuck in a hub cap, its exterior though, is fashioned to look like a smaller version of a metal detector and the colours of it are black and yellow with a silver stem.

TOPQSC’s pinpointer is longer (43cm) and heavier (1lb) than our previous pinpointer metal detectors, but that doesn’t affect its usage.

Like our other best pinpointers, power comes from a 9 volt battery which should last the users many hours of metal hunting on the land or in the water. A pinpointer is always best used in conjunction with a metal detector for accuracy and better coverage.

A holster and a wrist strap are included, these are a nice addition and will come in handy when taking the pinpointer out for a spin. Overall, it’s a sweet little device that I’m sure would suit an array of metal detecting needs.

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The functions of the TOPQSC Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer are quite easy to understand. Below we’ll review the main controls:

  • Power On – Hold the pinpointer with the search coil up for at least five seconds, the LED light will blink, two short pulses will be felt and then the light will dim but stay on. These indicate the power is on.
  • Power Off – Repeat the same routine as powering on, instead the light will turn off at the end indicating the pinpointer is off.
  • Low Battery – When the battery is low on your pinpointer, it will emit four long pulses and shut down automatically.
  • Operation – This pinpointer communicates to the user through vibrations and light, these will increase when the search coil is near a target.

These simple controls are fantastic and won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the TOPQSC Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer?

  • Price – At £85, this pinpointer is by far the best priced on our list, it’s affordable and effective.
  • Beginners – The TOPQSC pinpointer has been highly recommended for beginners and has been gifted to many young children who have a fascination with metal detecting. How sweet!
  • Warranty – A one year warranty is included with the purchase of this item, in case it should break or malfunction.
  • Pulse Induction – This pinpointer’s pulse induction technology allows the user to hunt in any environment. Impressive!
  • Batteries Not Included – This may seem trivial, but when batteries are included, it means you don’t have to make an outing to find a 9 volt battery. It would just be a kind gesture for the seller to include a battery.
  • Quality – Some users have expected a high quality item but ultimately have been disappointed, yet, others have praised it. Mixed reviews reveal this item is suited for a younger audience, who I’m sure won’t mind the lack in quality but rather the excitement of a treasure hunt.

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The TOPQSC Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer is heading in the right direction to becoming a great product. A few tweaks and there’s no doubt it would be nearer the top of this best pin pointer list.

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Whichever Pinpointer you choose to purchase from this list will no doubt boost your metal detecting experience and help you find those hidden treasures faster and with ease and accuracy.

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