Best Intermediate Metal Detector – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Intermediate Metal Detectors

Over recent years with the vast improvements to metal detecting the popularity of this hobby has increased quite dramatically. Whether you are interested in metal detecting because you have an interest in history and a natural sense of curiosity, or if it is because you would like to see if you can dig up some coins, gold, or other treasures, taking a little time to learning a about metal detecting can help you to make the right purchase to get started with.

Metal detecting can be an either an expensive or inexpensive hobby depending on what device you decide to buy. There will always be some people who feel the need to spend a small fortune on the latest piece of tech, but that really isn’t necessary. It is quite feasible to buy an entry level metal detector for less than £100, and with that you can be off out looking for buried treasure. The nice thing about metal detecting is that it can be done by anyone, of any age regardless of experience. It really is as simple and turning a machine on and moving it around. The range of devices available is rather vast so there are smaller metal detectors designed to be used by children and larger, heavier, and more technologically advanced machines that have been designed with adults in mind.

There are so many different brands of metal detectors to choose from you can be assured that you will be able to find something that will suit almost your budget and your requirements. It is possible to spend around £100 and still be able to get a high quality metal detector with some decent features on it. As you progress with the hobby you may well find that your skill set for your interests have out grow your existing device, this will be the time when you should consider buying a newer metal detector to help develop your skills and keep you interest.

When it comes to figuring out a budget it may be a good idea to consider if you will want to buy any other accessories such specifically designed digging tools for sand, dirt and rocks, because lets face it it is no fun at all being able to identifying a piece of desired metal beneath your feet to find that you cannot get to it due to not having the right tools needed to dig down to it.

Other accessories that you may want to consider purchasing can include headphones (if they are not supplied with the unit), extra batteries or an in-car charger and a bag to keep all of your equipment in, perhaps with a separate section for the items that you find. Ensuring you have the specific accessories needed for underwater searching will also make your detecting time that much more effective, especially if you are going to a local beach.

When you are first starting out it can be a good idea to purchase a few books on metal detecting as they will be able provide you with more information about this hobby, as well as some of the background science of how it works. It also wouldn’t hurt to know a little more about geology, metals and minerals as this can help you identify good areas in which to search and help to preserve any find you do come across.

Although a lot of information can be found online about this hobby it is no substitute for actually talking to other detectorists to get some expert advice and tips. Many towns and cities have their own metal detecting clubs and this is a good place to start as they can advise on the best entry level units and where to get started.

Every year thousands of archaeological items are discovered by the general public, most are found by metal-detector users, but some are also found by people out walking or even digging in their own gardens, the truth is you never know where something special maybe buried. All of these finds have a huge amount of potential to tell us about the past in our local area; it can tell us how and where people used to live as well as the types of objects they used and made. Since 1997 the Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officers (also known as PAS) have examined well over 100,000 item and a good majority of these would have gone unrecorded if it wasn’t for dedicated hobbyists letting them know about the finds they are making.

The aims of this scheme are as follows and it is worth noting that it is a voluntary scheme you are under no obligation to register you finds unless they could be considered ‘treasure’ to learn more about treasure please visit

  • To progress the knowledge of the history of England and Wales by carefully recording archaeological item found by the public.
  • To help raise further awareness of the educational importance of archaeological finds
  • To improve the opportunities for continued active public engagement in archaeology and to strengthen the bonds between metal-detector users and archaeologists alike.
  • To encourage anyone who comes across a find to consider allowing them to be recorded and to better promote a high level of good practice by finders.
  • To better define the purpose of the Scheme for recording items of interest in the longer term and to assess the costs involved as well as being able to identify the required resources needed it to be put into practice.

As well as being able to provide specific information on your find the scheme can also give you a variety of useful tips looking after you find as well as some hints on possible hot spots in your local area.

Now onto the three entry level metal detectors we are going to review today.

Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector Review – Our Number 1

Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector with Multi-function 1

Amzdeal is the registered trademark brand for Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd. Technology changes but the team’s commitment to happy customers doesn’t. Amzdeal is a multinational team of techies. They work hard to approach design and technology bases issues from a user’s perspective ensuring that their products are affordable, made with high-quality materials and supply the customer with 100% satisfaction.

The key features if this entry level metal detector are as follows:

  • This lightweight metal detector is suitable for those who want an entry-level machine.Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector with Multi-function 1
  • It features include both audible and visual indication of a find.
  • The 18.5cm diameter search coil is waterproof and thus it will allow you to search in shallow water.
  • There is a 3.5mm earphone socket.
  • It has two operation m, or detetction, modes; all metal and disc.all metal. The all metal mode lets you search for all kinds of metal and has auto ground balance with a high sensitivity. Disc.all metal mode enables you to be able to discriminate for the type of metal you are hunting for.
  • The alloy shaft is adjustable which means this model is suitable for both adults and children. It can be adjusted from 85cm up to 115cm.
  • This kit includes: 1 x Metal Detector,1 x Multi-Function Folding Shovel, 1 x User Guide.

The Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector with Multi-Function Folding Shovel (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is an excellent starter detector that will allow you to get up and running without shelling out a lot of money.


Features – Lightweight – Entry Level – Audible and Visual indication – 18.5 diameter search coil that is waterproof – 2 modes of discrimination – Adjustable alloy shaft – Folding shovel.

Pricing – Affordable



INTEY LCD Display Metal Detector 9.8 Review – Number 2

INTEY LCD Display Metal Detector 9.8This offering from Intey is another entry level unit with some good specifications which makes it a real steal for the price it is at. The key features of this unit are as follows:

    • The detector has a high sensitivity level as well as a good ability of discrimination.
    • This metal detector enables you to go hunting for coins, relics, jewellery, gold, and silver.
    • The LCD display shows the probable type of metal that has been discovered as well as an estimated depth of the target.
    • It has a PP (pinpoint) function that helps you to locate a target more easily.
    • It has a light for when it gets dark or if you are in a darken area such as a cave or woods.

    INTEY LCD Display Metal Detector 9.8

    • It has two operation, or discrimination modes: DISC and NOTCH. DISC = it will discriminate what kind of metal being detected. NOTCH – to select the target to be notched, It means this target will be notched during the detection and the detector will have no reaction to the notched target.


    The INTEY LCD Display Metal Detector 9.8″ Waterproof Search Coil with Folding Shovel is another great example of what can be purchased for a relatively small amount of money. The fact that brand name isn’t a large company means that the manufacturing costs can be kept down thus providing customers with quality units at very reasonable prices.


Features – High Sensitivity – Strong Discrimination levels – LCD display screen – Pinpoint function – On-board light – 2 operation modes – Waterproof.

Pricing – Mid Range



Professional Metal Detector Review – Number 3

Professional Metal Detector

Visua brings us this, our final offering of this review and it is again another entry level machine that does more than you would expect for the price you have to pay for it. This unit’s key features include:
• Special low frequency design for additional sensitivity
• Large display featuring two LEDs for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
• Telescopic aluminium rod with waterproof 20cm diameter search coil
• Facility to filter ground effects
• Complete with Folding Pick, Headphones & Batteries to get you started right away

The Professional Metal Detector is another fabulous choice if you are looking to get into this highly
addictive outdoor pursuit. It will have you up and running in moments and you could be on your way
to your very first find minutes later.


 Features – Low frequency – LED’s for ferrous and non ferrous metals – 20cm Search coil –

Waterproof – Includes folding pick, headphones and batteries.

Pricing – Affordable




Any one of these metal detectors would be a great starting place if you are new to this hobby, they  all have varying degrees of discrimination which will help you find the treasures you are seeking. However, the overall best machine here today is the Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector with Multi- Function Folding Shovel. Why? Because it has everything you need to get stared with a good range of discrimination to help you wheedle out the unwanted targets from the desirable ones and the fact that it is lightweight means it is suitable for all ages, so it wold also make a great present for a child.


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