Best Garrett Metal Detectors – What Are They? Reviews 2020

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Garrett are arguably the best metal detecting company in the world. Their reputation knows no bounds and it’s not hard to see why. Since 1964 Garrett have dominated the metal detector market and they’ve continued to set an outstanding example with their friendly customer service.

But which Garrett detector is the best? Let’s take a look at their range.

Garrett Sea Hunter MKII

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Main Features

  • Waterproof – This Garrett metal detector can reach depths of 60 metres (200 feet) under water.
  • Discrete Trash Elimination – Unlike any pulse induction metal detector, this model has a discrete trash elimination mode, aiding the user in finding treasure quickly and accurately.
  • 22 Different Frequencies – Having a range of frequencies is always useful to a detectorist, these frequencies will help the user find all kinds of different sized metal objects.

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The Sea Hunter MKII has donned Garrett’s famous black and yellow colours with an 8″ PRO-formance Submersible search coil adorning the end of the stem. Although the colour isn’t to everyone’s taste, it gives this machine a friendly bumble bee look.

Powered by eight AA batteries, the Garrett Sea Hunter MK II will last for at least 22 hours. Its regular operating frequency is 15kHz but this is interchangeable for each users preferences.

This detector model is great for diving, underwater treasure hunting, jewellery, coins, relics, wet sand hunting and generally will pick up all other metals. It also comes with waterproof headphones and the controller is hip mountable to save arm strain.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett Sea Hunter MKII Metal Detector?

  • Lightweight – Weighing between five and six pounds, this won’t be too much of a bother to lift, especially when under water.
  • Intermediate/Expert – This Garrett model has been recommended for more seasoned detectorists, so if you’re looking to upgrade, this is a great option.
  • Underwater Functionality – This is the best Garrett metal detector for under water relic hunting.
  • All Terrain Functionality – Even though this product is designed for under water detecting, it’s great on land as well.
  • 1 Year Warranty – Whilst this isn’t a very long warranty, it’s still useful to have just in case your metal detector should malfunction .
  • Learning – As this model is aimed at experts, new detectorists will have to put forth some effort in learning how to operate this machine.
  • Price – At over £700, this detector is a bit pricy, but when you think of the technology it uses and its functionality, it might just be worth it.
  • Quality – Some customers have noted that the stem is a bit flimsy, this generally comes down to customer preference, but hopefully this isn’t a major problem.
  • Display – There is no display on this metal detector.
  • Pinpoint – There is no pinpoint or depth indication, which is very disappointing considering if you’re under water or even on land, you’d like to have these included in the manufacturing.
  • Ground Balance – There is no ground balance, we assume it has been factory pre-set, which isn’t ideal.

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Overall, this Garrett detector is a good machine, especially when it comes to underwater treasure hunts. It lacks in quality and technology in some areas but ultimately, it has great potential and will help its owner to find those all important treasures.

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Garrett AT Pro International

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Main Features

  • Pro Mode Audio – This allows the user to hear the characteristics of a target as if they were in All Metal Mode.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination – The Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector has 40 levels the user can choose from on their touchpad, to set the iron discrimination. Separating the targets from the trash has never been more accurate.
  • Graphic Target Analyzer – This setting identifies the metal target’s conductivity.
  • All Terrain Versatility – Not only does the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector work in dusty, humid or wet environments but it can also perform well on soils and salty beaches. But that’s not all, the user can submerge the search coil to a depth of 10 feet.


The design of the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector is rather simple. A black exterior throughout gives it a professional, almost secret agent look. It’s overall a very attractive machine that will suit all types of users tastes.

Included with the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector is a 11” PRO-formance DD Submersible Search Coil, perfect for any weather, and a Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone Kit, to get the best audio tones.

Four AA batteries are required to power the AT-Pro International, these can last for 20-40 hours, rechargeable batteries are advised so the user can save their money.

We can see that Garrett has stuck with sensible controls, a sensible exterior and overall, it’s pretty great!

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett AT Pro Intl Metal Detector?

  • Fast Recovery – Finding those valuable metal objects is fast and easy with the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector.
  • Ground Balance – Accuracy is so important, so professional metal detectorists and novices alike will benefit from the automatic and manual balance settings.
  • Lightweight – At a weight of 3lbs, the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector weighs the same as three tubs of butter. Your arm aching days are over!
  • Warranty – A two year warranty is included with this item.
  • Extras – Adding extras makes the Garrett AT-Pro International even more appealing. Users get more for their money when the brands are generous to provide them with great extras.
  • Quality – Garrett always tailor their products to the highest quality and this leaves users feeling tremendously satisfied.
  • Value£500 to over £600 may seem a bit steep to some buyers but it’s well worth it when going for a Garrett metal detector. Their impressive technology and user friendly approach really stands out.
  • Controls – Some users have found the controls on the Garrett AT-Pro to be a little confusing. With time though the user will be able to decipher these controls using the manual included and online tutorials.
  • Screen – When the sun is out, or if users are wearing special sun glasses, the screen can sometimes be hard to read. This isn’t a major problem though and it usually solved by cupping your hands over the screen to shadow out the sun.

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The amount of advantages in this Garrett model outweigh the minor disadvantages and this really shows that the user can rely on Garrett to provide for all their metal detecting needs.

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Garrett AT Pro

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Main Features

  • Waterproof The Garrett AT Pro is fully submersible to a depth of 3 metres (10 feet).
  • Iron Audio – Sorting out the iron from the more valuable metals will be easy with iron audio.
  • Target ID – A digital target ID is extremely useful to each user as it helps them to identify which metal they are scanning over.
  • Ground Balance – Beginners and experts alike will be pleased to know that the balance of the AT Pro can be automatically set or manually set, providing accuracy along the way.
  • Lightweight – At a weight of just 3lbs, the AT Pro is one of the lightest Garrett metal detectors. Wave goodbye to your arm strain!

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For the AT Pro, Garrett have done away with the bumble bee black and yellow colours and given this model a sleek black appearance. An 11″ Semi Elliptical Search Coil is just the cherry on the cake.

Being powered by four AA batteries gives the AT Pro a long battery life. It functions on a 15kHz operating frequency but there is no other option for the frequency which will irk some detectorists.

This detector is great for coin hunting, jewellery hunting, relic hunting, cache hunting, prospecting and beach/fresh water hunting. It truly is an all rounder!

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector?

  • Depth Finding deep treasures can be difficult but not with the AT Pro, even though it detects up to ten inches deep, some have found metallic treasures even further than this.
  • Versatility – This detector is able to adapt to its surroundings and keeps on producing fantastic results.
  • Highly Recommended – Many buyers of the AT Pro have come back to buy it for friends and family and they thoroughly recommend it.
  • Warranty – There is a two year warranty included with this item.
  • Price – At just over £500, the Garrett AT Pro is very reasonably priced, especially for its quality and versatility.
  • One Frequency – Operating on one frequency restricts the amount of objects the detector can discover, multiple frequencies would have suited the AT Pro more.
  • Backlight – There is no backlight on this product, so don’t go out in the dark without your torch.

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The Garrett AT Pro is certainly a fan favourite and we can see why. Garrett have manufactured a multi functioning, lightweight machine in the AT Pro, and we’re thoroughly impressed by their hard work.

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Garrett ACE 400i

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Main Features

  • Iron Audio – Distinguishing between the treasure and the trash is made easier with an iron audio setting.
  • Target IDA digital target ID identifies each metal that is detected.
  • 5 Search Modes – These modes include: Custom mode, Jewellery mode, Relics mode, Coins mode and All Metal mode.
  • 8 Sensitivity Modes – Sensitivity will play to the advantages of the user as it enables them to fine tune their metal detecting experience.


The Garrett ACE 400i is the next step up from the ACE 400, the difference is minute, the ‘i’ simply stands for ‘international’, meaning it doesn’t conform to the usual US coin system Garrett utilises.

The exterior of the Garrett ACE 400i is, unsurprisingly, yellow and black. These are generally good colours but to me, it feels like I’m on a building site. A more sleek and tidy appearance as well as proper styling would make this detector look a bit more appealing, like the AT Pro.

The ACE 400i is powered by four AA batteries contributing to an impressive 20 hour battery life. A 10 kHz operating frequency is utilised, aiding the user to find smaller or bigger targets.

An 11″ PRO-formance DD Submersible Search Coil is included and some sellers sell the ACE 400i with extra accessories. Overall, it is simple to understand and well manufactured.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector?

  • ValueAt just £340, this Garrett detector is well priced without being too expensive.
  • Lightweight – Weighing around 3lbs you won’t have to worry about carrying it around begrudgingly for long hours.
  • Recommended – The ACE 400i has received a lot of praise from keen detectorists, adding to its good reputation.
  • Easy to Use – When it comes to using Garrett metal detectors you need to understand how to use each one effectively. Thankfully, this Garrett model is easy to understand and use.
  • Warranty – A two year warranty is available with the purchase of this item.
  • Mineralised Soil – Whilst the Garrett ACE 400i generally works quite well, it does give off a few false signals when it’s near highly mineralised soils.
  • Design – Garrett needs to be a little bit more daring, even if it’s black and yellow, give us a better design that isn’t so block like.

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The Garrett ACE 400i does run the risk of falling into the trap of being just another generic metal detector, but it really wows us with its value for money and great user friendly functions.

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Garrett EuroACE

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Main Features

  • Deep Detection – A detector needs to do more than just scan over the surface, it really needs to dig deep and the Garrett EuroACE does just that.
  • 5 Search Modes – These helpful modes include: Custom mode, Jewellery mode, Relics mode, Coins mode and All Metal mode.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination This mode is used for separating the iron rubbish from the more valuable metallic treasures.
  • Lightweight – Weighing only 2.7lbs this detector is the lightest of all the Garrett metal detectors listed.


Garrett have been determined to stick with yellow and black on their metal detectors exteriors, this is repetitive and irksome but we can forgive Garrett as it’s kind of their calling card. An 11″ PRO-formance DD Search Coil sits at the end of the stem, a larger sized search coil is handy when searching a large area.

Four AA batteries power the EuroACE for long hours of detecting. With a 8.25 kHz operating frequency, the user will be able to get the best out of their metal detecting experience, frequencies help the metal detector to accurately pinpoint large or small objects. Target ID, Sensitivity and Pinpoint are also important functions that work within this machine.

It’s good to note that the EuroACE is easy to set up and to use which is all the user will need.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector?

  • Value – Joint at the top with the ACE 300i, this is the best Garrett metal detector regarding price. It can be purchased for just over £260. This is well worth the money!
  • Beginners – The EuroACE is easy to understand and use so it’s perfect for beginners.
  • Accuracy – The accuracy on this Garrett model has impressed numerous customers as well as us.
  • Warranty – There is a two year warranty included with this item.
  • Wet Sand – The EuroACE isn’t the best in wet and salty sand conditions, often giving out false signals.
  • Volume Control – The sound on the EuroACE has irritated some detectorists as they aren’t able to control it, however, this isn’t a major fault.

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The Garrett EuroACE is a great machine for its price and we can see this will appeal to many people including beginners. Its ease of use just makes it even more desirable.

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Garrett ACE 300i

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Main Features

  • Adjustable Frequency – Adjusting the frequency on your metal detector will help you to find objects big and small, such as gold nuggets.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination – Iron is a less desirable metal, so with this feature the user can separate the iron from the more desirable metals.
  • Target ID – A target ID is key in identifying the types of metal underneath the surface.
  • 5 Search Modes – These modes include: Custom mode, Jewellery mode, Relics mode, Coins mode and All Metal mode.


The Garrett ACE 300i is the next model up from the ACE 250. The ACE 250 was quite a popular model but we believe the Garrett ACE 300i will knock the ACE 250 out of the park.

Four AA batteries power this Garrett model for hours of metal detecting fun. As noted before the ACE 300i has adjustable frequency but its set to operate at 8kHz.

A 10″ PRO-formance Submersible Search Coil sits at the end of a yellow and black exterior.
Some accessories are also available to purchase with this item from specific sellers.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector?

  • PriceAt £260, this Garrett model is well worth the price.
  • Easy to Use – With its simple functions the ACE 300i is great for new users.
  • Lightweight – At 4lbs, the ACE 300i is easy to handle for long detecting hours.
  • Recommended – People love the ACE 300i as much as they loved the ACE 250, and have recommended it for all.
  • Warranty – A two year warranty is available with the purchase of this item.
  • Reviews – On Amazon, the rating for this model is 5 stars, this is quite impressive.
  • Wet Sand – Whilst this detector is quite versatile, it does not work well with wet salty sands or highly mineralised soils, which is a shame.
  • Ground Balance – The balance for the 300i is factory pre-set.

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Despite some of its disadvantages, metal detectorists have really embraced the ACE 300i. It’s a practical, affordable and reliable device that will impress you with its performance.

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Overall Summary

Garrett have really spoilt their customers for choice. They surpass their competition with their quality manufacturing, their clever technology and their friendly customer service.

These Garrett metal detectors have their own charm and desirability and they truly deserve to be named the best Garrett metal detectors.

Which one is your favourite?

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