Best Metal Detector Finds Ever – Our Roundup! 2020

The Best Things Ever Found With A Metal Detector!

Metal detecting is a hobby that has been going on for years. With a strong following and varied interest, it is a pass time that people all over the world find themselves doing. Especially those interested in history.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a novice, if you have the correct equipment and are in the right location then you have the ability to find some mind-blowing things, especially in a place with a rich history. 

This article will give you a glimpse into what kind of things you are able to find based on what has been found in the past. Maybe it will excite those of you who are on the edge about buying a metal detector and having a go yourself.

Iron Age Gold Necklaces – Scotland

Scotland is named one of the best places in the world to treasure hunt, not only for gold prospering but also for historical finds. This is why in 2009 a Scotsman was able to find four solid gold necklaces in perfect condition dating back to the stone age.

As with any find of this extent, a reward was given to the man in question, however the amount is unknown. What is known is the value of necklaces which is said to be over £2 million.

The Galloway Hoard – Scotland

Scotland’s popularity as a metal detecting hotspot has only increased since the 100 piece collection of Viking aged objects were discovered in Galloway, Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire.

One of the best things about metal detecting in a Scottish location is the laws that surround it (which are outlined here). While you have to gain permission from the local authorities and report any finds to the Treasure Trove Unit, the law states that the finder is able to keep the full value of treasure without an owner.

This meant that the owner and the landowner of the sites in question shared £1.98 million for this historic discovery.

Mojave Nugget – California

It is not just Scotland that has vast amounts of potential for metal detectors. For USA residents, California is also a good area to explore. As proven by Ty Paulsen in 1977.

He was able to discover the largest golden nugget in the Mojave Desert, weighing in at 156 ounces (which is worth £330 thousand today).

With just his trusty metal detector, Paulsen was able to prove that you do not need to most expensive metal detector to make a huge discovery. In fact, you can find amazing objects with the know how and right equpiment.

For those of you who wish to see this discovery, you are able to view it in the National History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Shapwick Hoard – England

Paving the way for amateur treasure hunters and demonstrating the simplicity of finding valuable goods, Martin Elliot was merely teaching his cousin about metal detectors when he came across a Roman coin back in 1998.

While the initial coin was discovered 10cm below the ground when the duo dug deeper they unsurfaced a monumental hoard of more than 9,000 silver denarii coins. These coins dated between 1st century BC and 3rd century AD. For more information on how deep objects can be, click here.

The coins were discovered in Somerset, England and were valued at £438,000 in today’s money.

Boot Of Cortez – Mexico

The largest nugget of gold found in the Western Hemisphere was the Boot of Cortez, discovered in 1989 in the Sonoran Desert – Mexico.

What is amazing about this find is that £1.3 million worth of gold was discovered using a cheap metal detector suited for younger people.

If you want to get your children into metal detecting with you with the possibility of finding something like this then there are metal detectors designed purely for children so people of all ages can get involved with this fascinating hobby.

Derrynaflan Hoard – Ireland

This is names one of Ireland’s most important archaeological finds. This hoard consists of five 9th century vessels, discovered in 1980 by a father and son duo (Michael and Michael Junior Webb).

This issue with this find is that the Webbs did not have permission to dig and so the treasure was confiscated by the authorities. Because of this, the family missed out on £12.5 million in today’s money and instead only received £50,000.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, read this article on UK laws regarding metal detecting.

Why Are There So Many Finds In The UK?

While every country has its own history, the UK has a very rich history of invasion, battle and high-class families. For this reason, vast amounts of treasures have been discovered in castles, battlefields and many beaches.

The UK have attracted international treasure hunters time and time again just for the chance to find:

  • Coins
  • Gold
  • Jewellery
  • Hoards
  • A vast amount more

Here is an article that outlines some more top finds in England alone.

To Conclude

What this article has proven is that you do not need the fanciest equipment or be 100% committed to metal detecting to discover some marvellous and historic objects. In fact, most of the things on this list were found using standard equipment and a shovel.

For those of you starting out or thinking of starting out metal detecting, I urge that you do. Who knows, you may be able to earn yourself a nice tidy sum just by spending a few hours with a detector.

There are multiple types of metal detectors so take a look ad find one that suits you, it may just make your day.



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