AT Pro Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

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The Garrett AT-Pro International Metal Detector – Our Guide

When discussing metal detector brands, everyone generally gravitates towards Garrett. Based in the USA, Garrett have swiftly become the worldwide leader in metal detection technology. Their aim is to make the world safer, but also to provide adventure to their many doting customers.
Garrett must feel a pressure each time a metal detector is made, because they need to uphold their reputation whilst also keeping up with new technologies. We don’t think they’ll have a problem with this though as the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector will prove.

What are the Main Features of the Garrett AT-Pro International Metal Detector?

  • Pro Mode Audio – This allows the user to hear the characteristics of a target as if they were in All Metal Mode.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination – The Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector has 40 levels of discrimination the user can choose from on their touchpad, to set the iron discrimination. Separating the targets from the trash has never been more accurate.
  • Graphic Target Analyzer – This setting identifies the metal target’s conductivity.
  • All Terrain Versatility – Not only does the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector work in dusty, humid or wet environments but it can also perform well on soils and salty beaches. But that’s not all, the user can submerge the search coil to a depth of 10 feet. Wow!


The design of the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector is rather simple. A black exterior throughout gives it a professional, almost secret agent look. It’s overall a very attractive machine that will suit all types of users tastes.

Included with the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector is a 11” PRO-formance DD Submersible Search Coil, perfect for any weather, and a Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone Kit, to get the best audio tones.

Four AA batteries are required to power the AT-Pro International, these can last for 20-40 hours, rechargeable batteries are advised so the user can save their money.

We can see that Garrett has stuck with sensible controls and a sensible exterior and overall, it’s pretty great!

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What is the Garrett AT-Pro International Metal Detector build to detect?

A simple answer would be: EVERYTHING!

Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector truly is an all-rounder. It performs well in harsh conditions including naturally mineralised grounds, water and wet sand.

The Digital Target ID ranges from 0-99, these can be separated into two metal types. 1-30 are Ferrous metals, this is generally just Iron. 31-99 are Non Ferrous Metals, which includes foil, silver, gold and bronze etc…

A 15kHz frequency range helps the user find smaller targets, and with the Coin Depth Indicator the user will be able to locate those smaller targets swiftly and with ease. There are also eight depth adjustments so the user will get the best out of their metal detector.
Ultimately, the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector will work on all types of terrain, and will thoroughly search and find the metallic treasures, big and small, that lay beneath it.

Control Panel and Display

The control panel is characterised by a grey and black display screen with a red line highlighted around it.
White buttons are arranged neatly underneath the display screen, these buttons include (from left to right):

  • Iron Disc – Using the – and + buttons aid the user in changing the iron discrimination level.
  • Power – Underneath the Iron Disc button there is the power button. Hold this button for one second to turn the metal detector on and off, push quickly to toggle between detection modes or simply hold for five seconds to restore to factory reset settings.
  • Iron Audio – To the right of the Power button is the Iron Audio, users will select this to hear the discriminated iron in the ground.
  • Sensitivity – The top middle button will increase or decrease the sensitivity.
  • Pin Point – Below the Sensitivity button is the Pin Point/Frequency Adjust button. Simply press and hold for pin point or use with sensitivity to change frequency.
  • Notch Disc and Elim – Use the Notch Disc button to select a metal type and then press the Elim button to set the discrimination on or off.
  • GND BAL – Pressing this button quickly will set the ground balance automatically but if the user wants to set the ground balance manually they must use the Notch Disc buttons to do so.

These buttons are set out well and are very easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

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Next the display screen, from left to right:

  • Mode Indicator – There are six search modes, three standard and three pro, the mode indicator will show the user which mode they are currently using.
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination – Located in the top middle of the screen, this bar indicates the level of iron discrimination selected.
  • Target ID Legend – This is placed at the top of the control panel above the screen to show the user which metal type they have found.
  • Target ID Cursor – A little arrow or cursor, will flit across the top of the screen to identify the probable metal type found by the user.
  • Digital Target ID – The numbers in the centre of the screen correspond to the metal types and when in ground balance mode these numbers will show the ground balance settings.
  • Sensitivity Setting – Placed at the bottom of the screen is a scale/bar graph that represents the amount of sensitivity the user can go up to.
  • Lower Scale – At the end of the High-Res Iron Discrimination bar graph there is a Lower Scale which indicates the notch and discrimination patterns.
  • Coin Depth Indicator – On the far right of the display screen there is a depth indicator for objects that are coin sized.
  • Battery Level Indicator – And finally, in the bottom right hand corner there is a Battery Indicator which will let the user know how much juice their metal detector has left.

These buttons and display settings are on the whole, quite easy to understand, a manual is provided if anyone is still struggling with these controls.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett AT-Pro International Metal Detector?

  • Fast Recovery – Finding those valuable metal objects is fast and easy with the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector.
  • Ground Balance – Professional metal detectorists and novices alike will benefit from the automatic and manual ground balance settings. Manually ground balancing your metal detector will help it function more accurately and automatically ground balancing your metal detector won’t be far off accurate either.
  • Lightweight – At a weight of 3lbs, the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector weighs the same as three tubs of butter. Your arm aching days are over!
  • Warranty – Warranties are great if your product should malfunction or arrive broken or with something missing. Companies tend to provide great customer service and with Garretts two year warranty, you don’t want to miss out on safety.
  • Extras – Adding extras makes the Garrett AT-Pro International even more appealing. Users get more for their money when the brands are generous to provide them with great extras.
  • Quality – Garrett always tailor their products to the highest quality and this leaves users feeling tremendously satisfied.
  • Value – £500 to over £600 may seem a bit steep to some buyers but it’s well worth it when going for a Garrett metal detector. Their impressive technology and user friendly approach really stands out and this earns them the trust of many customers.
  • Controls – Some users have found the controls on the Garrett AT-Pro to be a little confusing. With time though the user will be able to decipher these controls using the manual included and online tutorials.
  • ScreenWhen the sun is out, or if users are wearing special sun glasses, the screen can sometimes be hard to read. This isn’t a major problem though and it usually solved by cupping your hands over the screen to shadow out the sun.

Summary and Conclusion

Garrett are an extremely impressive brand and business. The amount of advantages in their metal detectors outweigh the minor disadvantages and this really shows that the user can rely on Garrett to provide for all their needs.

The Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector is a thoroughly inspiring machine. Garrett have dominated the metal detecting market with ideas such as this metal detector and if they continue on this wave length then they’ll always be one step ahead of their competitors.

We LOVE the Garrett AT-Pro International metal detector, it definitely lives up to the Garrett reputation and we hope all of you lovely metal detector users will enjoy it too.

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