White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

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White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector – Our Guide

White’s are a leading American electronics business, in fact they’ve been popular since the 1950’s. Their aim is to provide the world with quality manufactured and great valued metal detectors. Whether for leisure, security or industrial purposes, White’s surely will have the ideal metal detector for you!

That’s why today, we are reviewing the White’s Treasure Pro metal detector. Surely if White’s are as good as they seem, the Treasure Pro will go beyond our expectations.

What are the Main Features of White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector?

  • Automatic Ground Balancing – The Treasure Pro metal detector adapts to ground conditions whilst the user is moving along, this enables the depth and sensitivity functions to become more accurate.
  • Adjustable Discrimination – Discrimination is important in a metal detector because without it, the user won’t know what type of metal they’re digging up. Iron is the most common metal to be dug up but it’s rather a useless find, thankfully though, White’s Treasure Pro metal detector has a sixteen segment discrimination setting. Wow!
  • Five Search Modes – White’s have kindly provided the Treasure Pro’s users with five useful search modes. These include: Coin and Jewellery Mode, Beach Mode, Pinpoint Mode, All Metal Mode and High Trash Mode. We will discuss these modes a little later on.

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With an adjustable stem, an armrest and a lightweight body, we feel that the Treasure Pro metal detector is built for style and comfort.
Powered by two AA batteries, White’s Treasure Pro metal detector has a twenty hour run time. This is extremely impressive, especially with all the technology White’s has included in this metal detector.

A 10” DD waterproof search coil adorns the end of the Treasure Pro’s stem. We must add though, that even though most listings say that the Treasure Pro metal detector is waterproof, what we’ve found is that the search coil is only weather resistant, so don’t go throwing it in the sea.

The overall look of White’s Treasure Pro metal detector is enough to get us very excited!
There are numerous generic looking metal detectors on the market that are usually painted black, so when we saw the burst of copper coming from the Treasure Pro’s stem, we knew that White’s meant business.

Ultimately, White’s Treasure Pro metal detector is a very attractive product which can cater for all kinds of metal detector enthusiasts with comfort and professionalism.

What is White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector built to detect?

Aforementioned, the Treasure Pro has five search modes, these include:

  • Coin and Jewellery Mode – This mode rejects any object made of foil and is generally referred to as an all purpose mode. When the user switches on their Treasure Pro metal detector, this is the default mode they will start in.
  • Beach ModeSalt saturated sands as well as assorted types of soil are often the bane of a metal detectorists life. These harsh ground conditions are the cause of much interference, however, White’s Treasure Pro metal detector has a beach mode that enables the user to be able to scan these ground conditions easily with hardly any interference. Impressive!
  • Pinpoint Mode – With a convenient pinpoint mode, locking onto a target and finding those metallic treasures won’t be a problem anymore.
  • All Metal Mode – All types of metal will show up on the all metal mode, this aids many users to clean up areas that have previously homed rusty nails etc…
  • High Trash Mode – Albeit a very American term, the high trash mode means the Treasure Pro metal detector will only detect objects that have high value or importance.

Aside from these five fantastic modes, White’s Treasure Pro metal detector has eight audio tones that help identify the type of metal the user has found.
From Iron through to the American Dollar the pitch of these audio tones gets higher and higher. Deciphering these tones might take a lot of practice from the user, but this shouldn’t be a problem as the display also has a scale of the different types of metal.

White’s have also cleverly added sixteen rejection ranges for the metals users don’t want to keep digging up, they’re definitely saving a lot of back pain!

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Control Panel and Display

Continuing the copper theme the Treasure Pro’s control panel is black with copper edges and writing. The buttons from right to left are:

  • Power – Turn the metal detector on and off with this button. Quick touches of this button will also operate the back light.
  • +/- Buttons – These two buttons will aid the user in selecting a level or option using the option controls. During a normal search they will adjust the sensitivity.
  • Tick and Cross Buttons – Pressing these buttons will access pinpoint mode and can also be used for some menu sequences.
  • Options – This button obviously activates the option selections and the up and down arrows beside this button are used to select from those options.

These buttons are very simple to understand and use, they don’t feel alien to use and the way they’re placed really compliments the design of the control panel.

Next, the display, again it seems quite easy to grasp.
From left to right, we see a battery gauge in the top left hand corner, the bottom left hand corner has a depth indicator, these are brilliant when you need to know how deep the target metal is and how much juice the metal detector has left.

In the middle there is a target identification scale, listed from Iron to the American dollar with large VDI (visual discrimination indication) numbers and at the bottom is the name of the program being used. Understanding these may take a little time at first but the user should get the hang of them quickly.

The top right hand corner has a small light bulb pictured, indicating whether the back light is on or off and the bottom right hand corner has a small sensitivity scale, great for night time searches and harsh ground conditions.

White’s have really blown us away with all this useful technology, we’ve seen a lot of detectors with higher price tags, lesser quality and lesser technology used than the Treasure Pro provides us with.

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What are the Pros and Cons of White’s Treasure Pro Metal Detector?

  • Lightweight – Weighing only three pounds, the Treasure Pro metal detector is like holding three tins of beans. Arm ache won’t set in for a while and comfort will be the users best friend.
  • Features – Users have agreed that the Treasure Pro metal detector has the right amount of features. It’s not bloated with too much technology, just enough for the user to understand and be able to detect accurately.
  • Running – Running this metal detector is cheap and efficient. Two AA batteries (rechargeable ones are recommended) is all it needs to function, and it does that very well.
  • Warranty – On numerous sites the Treasure Pro metal detector comes with a two year warranty. Having a warranty will ensure the replacement or refund of your item if something were to malfunction or break.
  • Recommended – White’s Treasure Pro metal detector is extremely high rated and recommended. Users have bought them as gifts and swear that their Treasure Pro will never be replaced.
  • Value – At just over £300, the Treasure Pro metal detector is excellent value for your money. With all the technology, the style, comfort and finesse, you’ll be a fool to miss out on this product.
  • American Coins – As White’s are an American brand, their metal detectors are manufactured with target identification scales that relate to American coins (nickels, quarters, dollars etc…). This is perfect if you’re from America, but less fortunate if you’re British. Thankfully, looking up what these coins are made of will solve this minor problem.
  • Waterproof – We mentioned beforehand that the Treasure Pro isn’t waterproof but rather it is weather resistant. Waterproof generally means that you can submerge parts of the metal detector, however if this is not the case, then White’s should advertise their metal detector with the correct terminology.

Summary and Conclusion

White’s electronics are truly an amazing business, the manufacturing and functionality of the Treasure Pro metal detector proves that.
We have been thoroughly impressed by the detail White’s has thought of when dealing with their users. Part of their company motto is being friends with the customers, and they definitely pay attention to their customers metal detecting needs.

White’s Treasure Pro metal detector is brilliant. White’s has combined comfort, style, ease of use, technology, lightness, and value to produce a much loved and much used metal detector. We are absolutely loving it!

We wouldn’t hesitate in buying this metal detector, it beats our expectations, what about yours?

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