Teknetics G2 Metal Detector Review 2019 – 2020

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Teknetics G2 Metal Detector – Our Guide

Teknetics are a leading American based metal detector brand who have taken the world by storm with their innovative ideas and brilliant technological minds.

Their aim is to provide user friendly metal detectors for novices to professionals. These metal detectors have proved to be extremely popular as well as high quality items.

Today we’re going to look at Teknetics G2 metal detector, will this metal detector prove to be user friendly as well as a quality bit of kit? Let us see.

What are the Main Features of Teknetics G2 Metal Detector?

  • Continuous Ground Condition Readout – Understanding the different types of ground conditions can be troublesome for many metal detectors. However, with Teknetics G2 metal detector, the user doesn’t have to worry about false signals coming from the ground, as the G2 will inform the user of the amount of mineralisation in the ground. All of this contributes to a smoother metal detecting experience.
  • Variable Tone Breakpoint Adjustable Audio – Teknetics have created this wonderful technology for their metal detectors, it allows the user to discriminate between the different metals using adjustable audio.
  • Fe-Tone Adjustable Iron Audio – With this function, the user can adjust the audio of the iron so it’s separated from the other non-ferrous targets.
  • Two Digit Target ID – The user can be sure that every time their G2 metal detector picks up a target, they’ll receive a readout which tells them what sort of metal it has found. With two digit target ID, metals range from 0-99, helping the user by sorting the riches from the rubbish.

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The exterior of Teknetics G2 metal detector is quite professional looking, it’s main colours are black and silver, and the stem is adorned by an attractive 11” DD Search Coil. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a very desirable looking machine.

A 9 volt alkaline battery powers the G2 metal detector which should give the users just over 15 hours of usage, for metal detecting shenanigans.

Teknetics G2 metal detector can operate in temperatures of -10 Degrees Celsius to 50 Degrees Celsius. Incredible!

Teknetics has kindly included two headphone jacks in their G2 metal detector as well as a backlight, which is useful for metal detecting in the dark.

Overall, the design and practicality of Teknetics G2 metal detector is excellent. This model seems to be brilliantly user friendly and well manufactured.
So far, so good!

What is Teknetics G2 Metal Detector built to detect?

Teknetics G2 Metal Detector has been described as an all purpose treasure hunter, and is said to be unmatched in target separation in iron and trash. This is high praise indeed and it’s not wrong, the G2 metal detector has proved to be a formidable opponent with the help from Teknetics technological advances.

With an operating frequency of 19kHz, the G2 metal detector is able to locate the tiniest of treasures. This is especially handy when the user is gold prospecting.

Gold nuggets are usually found in soil high in iron oxide minerals, and with the continuous ground condition readout, the user will be able to identify this type of ground condition.

Users have found the G2 metal detector to be fantastic when it comes to searching for gold, silver and coins. No doubt, the two digit target ID is to thank for these amazing finds.

The two digit target ID ranges from 0-99, for those who aren’t sure what these numbers mean, they can be categorised into two groups. 0-30 are Ferrous metals (this is generally just Iron) and 31-99 are Non Ferrous metals, these range from aluminium and foil to gold, silver and other well known metals. The two digit target ID scale can be found on the top of the display screen, and the numbers are directly in the middle to alert the user of what number group their metal target belongs to.

Teknetics G2 metal detector, is really an all round performer, something which has impressed numerous users, and we can understand why.

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Control Panel

The control panel of the G2 metal detector is set out quite simply, this is beneficial for users who don’t like too many buttons and dials. Listed below (from left to right) are the buttons and their purposes:

  • On/Off/Gain – The first dial switches the G2 metal detector on and off. Whilst discrimination mode is on though, this dial is used to change the Gain from 1-100.
  • GG (Ground Grab)/Pin Point – The GG button is used as a computerised ground balancing setting with manual override. This button is also used as a pin point button. When in discrimination mode the pin point button enables the user to enter no-motion pin point mode. Whereas using it in all metal mode will aid the user in setting the ground balance.
  • (- and +) Buttons – In discrimination mode, these buttons change the discrimination level from 0-80. In all metal mode, these buttons change the ground balance setting from 0-99.
  • Mode Selection and Threshold – Click this dial left to operate discrimination mode, click it right to operate all metal mode. Whilst in all metal mode, the user can rotate this dial to change the threshold from -40 to 40.

These controls as well as the display which we will talk about next, are well thought out and shouldn’t take the users long to understand. Practice makes perfect!


The control panel is characterised by a large LCD display screen, the screen isn’t overcrowded by unnecessary settings but is nicely set out and easy to understand. Below are the details of the display screen:

At the top there is the 0-99 target ID scale. To the left, below the target ID scale is another scale that says Fe3O4, this scale indicates the amount of mineralisation that is in the ground.

The numbers in the middle can correspond to a few settings, they’re mainly used to identify the target metal, but can also be used to determine depth and the ground phase.

Ground balance settings are found on the bottom right of the screen, comparing these numbers to the ground phase will aid the user in always having an accurate reading and making sure the ground conditions don’t interfere with the metal detectors readings.

And of course, there is a battery indicator on the bottom of the screen to keep the users notified of the metal detectors power status.

Whilst learning these instructions may take time, we are sure users will love Teknetics G2 metal detector.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Teknetics G2 Metal Detector?

  • 2 Tone VCOVCO is included in metal detectors to produce varying pitches to identify and pin point the metal types. Having this is beneficial to all users and that’s probably why Teknetics included it in their G2 metal detector.
  • Lightweight – At a weight of 2.5lbs, holding the G2 metal detector would be like holding two basketballs, that’s pretty light!
  • Beginners – Numerous users have agreed that this metal detector is perfect for beginners. The fact this metal detector is user friendly and rather simple to operate is an appealing factor to many metal detecting fans.
  • Recommended – Teknetics G2 metal detector comes highly recommended. Users have flocked to the reviews to show their appreciation. A well loved item is always a good sign of quality manufacturing.
  • Memories – Making memories is a major part of metal detecting, whether you’re taking your family out or finding your riches. You should treasure these moments and enjoy the time you have whilst out metal detecting.
  • Warranty – A safe way to protect your item, should it malfunction, is to purchase a metal detector with a warranty. On some sites Teknetics G2 metal detector can be purchased with a five year warranty.
  • Complex – Some users have found learning the ropes a bit hard with the G2 metal detector, with time and much help from the manual though, we’re sure the user will get to grips with its workings.
  • Accessories – Teknetics G2 metal detector lets their users down when it comes to additional accessories. Having no accessories with a new metal detector can be disappointing, especially when other brands may provide numerous extras. For the price, we think Teknetics should add a little excitement in the users package.
  • Interference – When metal detecting near power cables, there will be interference which may cause the G2 metal detector to miss valuable targets.
  • Price – In the range of around £600, Teknetics G2 metal detector is a bit more costly than you’d like it to be. The technology, and Teknetics large reputation must have boosted the price up. Maybe if they’d added more accessories we’d be more willing to pay the price.

Summary and Conclusion

Teknetics have done it again! The G2 metal detector is a great piece of technology, the user will have an amazing time taking it out treasure hunting.

High quality, professionalism, and user friendliness ooze out of the G2 metal detector and we have to hand it to Teknetics, they don’t seem to be going out of business anytime soon.

We are truly impressed with Teknetics G2 metal detector and we hope you will be too.

Who knows, your fortune could be on your next hunt!

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