Nokta Impact Metal Detector Review UK 2019 – 2020

The Nokta Impact detector is a highly spec’d tool for an experienced detectorist. By combining many forms of detection technology into one piece, the Impact can offer guidance for tracking a range of targets across a number of terrains.

Design and Appearance

The Nokta Impact has one of the more slick and stylish looking screens and bodies. The screen and user interface are retro – but clear and concise to read and navigate through using the tactile buttons.

The weighting of the detector is also well managed, it weighs 2kg but sits and swings freely on your arm. There’s a sturdy and comfortable wrist-forearm holster and a cushioned handle.

You won’t be able to fully submerged with the Nokta Impact, only the coil is waterproofed. The batteries are another limitation, the Nokta Impact takes 4 AA batteries, not a modern lithium-polymer deal.

When it comes to hearing the sweet sound of buried treasure, the Nokta is compatible with wireless headphones – they recommend the 2.0GHz Green Edition.

Overall this is a nicely designed detector which really has some budget features sneaked in with the package.


There are preset search modes included in on the computer, these 12 modes cover different targets and terrains – such as one for the beach and one for parks. These settings can be customised further if you’re working on your search with other specialized knowledge. Save these and return when you like.

A positive is the backlit screen, many detectors have no such light and become hard to use in the gloom.

Unfortunately there is not an online tracking software included in the Nokta portfolio, however, you will be kept in the loop with firmware updates. Plugging your detector into a PC allows you to keep your detector up to date.

When it comes to the frequencies, the Nokta Impact has three frequencies to choose from. The available ranges are 5kHz, 14kHz or 20kHz. The coils are not multi-frequency in the sense that they can be used simultaneously, but that it has three options to choose from. This is something to consider and remember.

These search frequencies are paired with a wide range of search tones, choose from a number of configurations like a binary two-tone or go all the way up to 99 tones.

There’s some intelligently designed aspects of the Nokta too – Automatic Tracking can be turned on to discriminate between unwanted metals. This audio discrimination can be filtered eight times to ensure you’re only being alerted to what you want to find.


  • Search at 4kHz, 5kHz or 20Khz
  • Backlit screen and well-designed UI
  • Wide choice of presets and design your own search profile
  • Lots of R&D and new coils to explore from the Nokta labs


  • Not ideal for gold-hunting
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Takes AA batteries


The Nokta is not a true multi-frequency detector, you do have to switch between the frequencies to get full coverage. Whilst you may happen across a golden nugget or two over time, the Nokta Impact is not the detector a serious gold-digger would go for given the choice. The Impact has some great features, but something like the Equinox 800 tops it for gold hunting.

I like the continuous tone choices when it comes to target feedback. Being able to use thresholds feels more intuitive in my detecting. The iSAT means the operation doesn’t oscillate wildly into a cacophony of noises. Instead, the eliminate of mineralisation signals, or those from rocks with a high temperature helps to improve accuracy and successful targetting.

Nokta: The Brand

Nokta is a Turkish company, considered a ‘rising star’ in the detector industry. Formed in 2001, they’re an ISO9001 certified company and are backed by the Turkish government. The firm really took off in 2011 when they began to invest heavily in their own research and development. They have a sister company, Makro, who they share knowledge and some technical expertise with.

There’s a plethora of technical information, FAQs and other consumer information on their frequently updated website.

Much of their revenues are invested back into research and development. As such, Nokta are producing many different coils, which can be used with the Impact detector.

Summary and Conclusion

The Nokta Impact is a good detector for the price range. The quality of search and the quality of the brand go hand-in-hand. Experienced detectorists might find they’re caught slightly short of the ideal detector though.

This is due to the lack of true multi-frequency searching and compatibility with a suite of detecting programmes. There’s no built-in GPS, no full waterproofing, and no lithium battery. There is, however, a well-designed user interface with backlit display, a range of frequencies which is still enough to hunt out precious metals and a wireless headphone compatibility.

The quality is as high as you’d expect from a top-of-the-line professional metal detector. So go ahead and take it; it’s a personal favourite for its value for money and quality of components.

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