Makro Racer 2 Detector Review UK – 2019 – 2020

If you’re thinking you’ve seen the Makro Racer 2 before, you’re probably thinking of the Nokta Impact. The two detectors are very similar, and are made by two closely aligned companies – Makro and Nokta. Both have similar professional-grade features and design profiles.

The Racer2 is less sophisticated and more limited in search profiles, but it still has a strong detecting capacity and depth – up to 50cm!

Design and Appearance

The Racer2 has a curved handle and ergonomic arm guide. The screen is backlit, controlled by four tactile buttons and has a clear and easy to read feel to it.

When looking at the screen all the information is displayed on one page. If it were touchscreen, this would be even easier to navigate through.

On the back of the screen is an LED flashlight – don’t stop because the sun has happen to set. The light system casts a strong beam in front of you and onto the coil.

The length of the pole is adjustable between 120cm and 140cm. Makro have done a good job balancing the 1.4kg across the detector, making it easy to carry.

Something still missing from many Makro detectors is a good lithium battery, they tend to stick with the AAs. In this case, you’ll need four of them.


The Racer2 is built using RACER tech, this a detector with pinpoint accuracy and a strong depth indicator. The coils are waterproof – but the whole device is not waterproof – they are designed for various ground conditions and terrain types. A lot of research has gone into finding the best signals in the most trash-filled locations.

Enjoy the shift to wireless headphones with the Racer2, the detector is compatible with Bluetooth headphones when bought with a module. This mobility bonus is perfect for the modern detectorist.

When it comes to alerts, you are no longer limited to tones. The Racer2 has a vibration setting which is great for those with hearing impairments. An inclusivity win for Makro. This feature also helps if you’re working in a noise-filled environment.

Makro: The Brand

Makro are part of a new wave of Turkish engineering companies. The brand is aligned with Nokta, and they’ve both invested heavily in the research and development side of detecting. They’ve brought new coils to the fore, and new technology to boot.

Although these detectors are advanced, they still lack some of the more sophisticated facets. GPS is missing, full waterproofing doesn’t exist, gold-digging is limited to specific machines and the multi-frequency detection refers only to consecutive, not simultaneous use.

With all that in mind, Makto/Nokta branded detectors do have their incredibly strong quality, the design and changing of coils might be a little more old school, or is simply tradition? The quality of the coils is outstanding, the range of available coils means the brand is not beset by gimmicks, just good internal engineering.

An interesting consideration is that Makro and Nokta produce metal detectors for right and left-handed users. The Makro Racer is ideal for right-handers, whilst the Nokta range is suited to left-handers. If you’re stuck, you could try our comparisons of the Nokta range.


  • Ideal for a new or casual search party
  • Has good discrimination abilities and an accurate Notch Filter
  • Backlit screen and built-in torch for late night searching
  • Five different presets- perhaps too limited?
  • Compatible with a range of upgraded coils


  • Relies on AA batteries,
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Lack of customisation for the learning and growing detectorist


Detecting on the beach, or in the park is great for the Racer2. You can’t go scuba diving with the Racer, though you can dip into shallow water with the coil.

Released in 2016, the Racer2 is an upgrade on the Racer technology that really turned heads in the detecting industry.

The coil is an 11 inch by 7-inch search coil. Of the five different modes, all are filtered through magnetic mineralisation technology and all have discrimination abilities built-in.

The design is perfect for challenging terrains, the handle is easy to grip and the counter-balance is cantilever perfect.

When it comes to filters, the Racer2 has a solid Notch Filter, which will tell you whether you’ve clocked a single or a multiple target.

Iron Audio allows the user to adjust the volume of the different compositional layers of terrain. And the iSAT, Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold, learns from the composition of the medium as you’re detecting.

Summary and Conclusions

Designed for the garden, the beach and other high-density artefact locations, the Racer2 is great fun to use and a firm favourite at, professionals and the super-enthusiastic might find the Racer2 to be limited in terms of customisation and features.

There’s a lack of connectivity and a reliance on AA batteries to contend with. As such we put the Racer2 in the beginner-intermediate category. The technology is still good, and you can upgrade your coils, but the main computer control just isn’t advanced enough to meet the needs of an intense and demanding search.

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