Eurotek Pro Metal Detector Review – 2019 – 2020

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Teknetics Euro-Tek Pro – Our Guide

Established in America in 1983, Teknetics began their quest to manufacture and redefine the world of metal detectors. With a lot to live up to, Teknetics may have come to the metal detecting a little later than other well known brands, but they’ve proved to be vital players in the business of metal detecting and their main aim is to make more users metal detecting masters with their easy to use designs.
Will their Euro-Tek Pro turn out to be a quality, yet simple to use metal detector?
Let us see.

What are the Main Features of the Euro-Tek Pro Metal Detector?

  • Fe-tone Adjustable Iron Audio – With this indicator, the user won’t have to pick up any old iron, but rather they’ll be able to find the metallic treasures faster than ever.
  • Iron Target Volume Control – Teknetics are a leading brand in state of the art technology. The Euro-Tek Pro has separate and independent iron target volume control, this means the user can adjust the volume of iron targets and separate the iron from other targets. This also allows the user to hear the targets of more importance better.
  • Automatic Retune – Using the Euro-Tek Pro metal detector has never been easier, just switch it on and it will automatically retune to the previous settings used.
  • 5 Segment Depth Indicator – As will be discussed in the depth detection section, the Euro-Tek Pro has a five segment depth indicator that reaches a maximum of around eight inches deep.

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The Euro-Tek Pro metal detector is powered by a nine volt battery allowing the metal detector to run continuously for twenty hours.
Locking stem collars enable the user to adapt the metal detector to the correct height, and at the end of the stem there is an 8” concentric search coil.
Additionally, there is a headphone jack for the user to detect without irritating other passers by.

The exterior design of the Euro-Tek Pro is a bit underwhelming, there is a side of professionalism to it though. The frame is black with hints of silver poking through, we think the control panel is the redeeming colour for this metal detector.

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What is the Euro-Tek Pro built to detect?

Teknetics have included the Euro-Tek Pro with a two digit target ID range, these go from 1-99. Here are what some of these ranges detect:

1-39 – Iron.
42-48 – Foil and small gold nuggets.
54-57 – Gold nuggets, gold rings or targets mostly composed of gold.
82-83 – Copper coins.
87-89 – Clad coins or recently made coins.
93-99 – Larger silver coins.

Or scientifically put, 1-39 is ferrous and 40-99 is non ferrous.

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Accompanying these target ranges is a 3 tone audio ID system. The three settings are:

  • No tone – No tone means the user has eliminated metals with discrimination function or there is simply no metal where they’re scanning.
  • Low tone – This tone will sound when the user finds a metal with a target ID lower than 40 – most likely to be iron.
  • V.C.O (Variable pitch and volume) – These tones identify metals in the 40-69 target ID as well 70-79 when the discrimination setting is equal or greater than the target ID.These audio tones are adjustable with the volume option which ranges from 1-20.
  • High tone – Again this tone identifies metals from the 70-79 range but only when the discrimination setting is less than the target ID, as well as 80+ metals.

All these settings may seem on the face of it quite difficult to understand but you will get the hand of it as the manual and simple display will speed up the learning.

How deep can the Euro-Tek Pro Metal Detector detect?

Thankfully, Teknetics have supplied a depth indicator for their Euro-Tek Pro metal detector.
Despite their manual claiming the maximum depth is 9.5 inches the depth indicator reaches up to 8 inches.
Each bar corresponds to a certain depth range, these are:

5 Bars = Maximum 8” depth
4 Bars = 6”- 8”
3 Bars = 4”- 6”
2 Bars = 2.5” – 4”
1 Bar = Up to 2.5”

Knowing these depths will aid the user in finding those metal mementos swiftly and effortlessly.

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Control Panel and Display

The Euro-Tek Pro metal detector has a colourful control panel.
Red fades to black, whilst blue white and yellow fill in the details around the display screen. These colours add a bit of character to the Euro-Tek Pro, as if they came right from a comic book.

The buttons placed on the control panel are included with simplicity in mind. From left to right there is: a Power button, a Menu button, a Pinpoint button and a +/- button, for option selection.
Teknetics aim to simplify the users life, they have surely done this with such easy controls.

Teknetics have also included a display screen that is uncomplicated in their Euro-Tek Pro model. From left to right the screen shows: in the top left hand corner there is an Iron indicator, below this is the depth indicator and then the sensitivity programme. In the middle are the numbers that identify the target ID of the metals, these numbers also calculate the exact depth in inches or centimetres, below this is the discrimination setting. And finally the top right hand corner homes a battery life indicator and the bottom right hand corner displays the volume setting.

Overall, we’re impressed by the attention to detail Teknetics has given to the Euro-Tek Pro whilst maintaining quality and user friendliness.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Euro-Tek Pro Metal Detector?

  • Quality – When building a metal detector, the manufacturer wants it to be of the best quality. Similarly, the customer is also searching for that quality, this makes the Euro-Tek Pro metal detector a great candidate with its sturdy and robust frame.
  • Lightweight – Weighing in at 2.4lbs, holding the Euro-Tek Pro metal detector will be like holding two adult guinea pigs, but with less wriggling. Arm/shoulder ache will be eradicated, much like the piles of metal in the ground that you’ll be finding.
  • Easy Assembly – Assembling the Euro-Tek Pro doesn’t take too much effort, you can set it up quickly and get metal detecting straight away.
  • Minimal Buttons – There are no new-fangled or complicated buttons on this metal detector. Phew!
  • Recommended – Many users have recommended the Euro-Tek Pro metal detector over other well known brands, and we agree, Teknetics are doing amazing work.
  • WarrantyA five year warranty is available for this metal detector model, these are useful if you come across a broken part or an electrical error in your metal detector.
  • Iron Identifier LED – This LED will light up when iron is detected regardless if the discrimination settings are on.
  • Value – At just over £200, you’re getting a lot for your money. Precision, power and pinpointing will be your best friends when using this metal detector.
  • Screen – Some users have commented that the control panel and its screen is a bit flimsy. We will put this down to user preference though.
  • No Back light – Unfortunately, the Euro-Tek Pro doesn’t include a back light. Detecting in the dark won’t happen unless you bring a torch with you.
  • Ground Balance – The ground balance is factory pre-set which can be a turn off for some metal detecting experts. Basically, this means that the ground balance won’t be 100% accurate, but it won’t be far off.

Summary and Conclusion

Teknetics are leading the metal detector market with new and innovative ideas, other brands could learn a lesson or two from them.
Their mindful consideration of the people who use their metal detectors helps them to become a better business as they continue to refine their manufacturing skills and attention to detail.

The user is at the heart of the Euro-Tek Pro metal detector. It’s made for all kinds of people who are either new or old to the metal detecting scene and for those who may not know how to use a metal detector. Teknetics have really thought of everything.

The Euro-Tek Pro is overall a great metal detector, it may not be able to help you see in the dark but hopefully you’ll be just as impressed as we are with its metal finding capabilities.

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