Best Metal Detecting Headphones – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Metal detecting has become a well loved hobby for an innumerable amount of people. There is a sort of eagerness and mystery with each find. Hearing the buzz when the detector has found something is an exhilarating feeling, but what if you don’t want to disturb others in the surrounding area? Or maybe you don’t want other detectorists to find your precious treasures.

Why not buy some metal detecting headphones? Here’s a list of our top three favourite metal detecting headphones.

Our Top Three Favourite Metal Detecting Headphones


1. Deteknix W3 Pro Wireless Headphones

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Deteknix are generally known for producing metal detectors and devices that a metal detectorist can utilise. They’ve recently added the W3 Pro headphones to their ever growing portfolio and customers have not been disappointed. Here’s why we chose them to be on our Top Three:

What are the Main Features of Deteknix W3 Pro Wireless Headphones?

  • Rainproof – If sudden stormy weather should strike, these headphones will be alright, just make sure you don’t leave them outside.
  • Wireless – No cord means no hassle. Simply put your W3 Pro wireless headphones on and go.
  • One Touch Button Control – Operating the wireless transmitter takes only one touch and your headphones will be connected to your detector.
  • Lightweight – At only 320 grams these headphones aren’t a problem to carry around.
  • Comfort – Comfort is key when it comes to headphones. A close structure has been utilised to not only provide comfort but also better noise isolation.

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Deteknix W3 Pro wireless headphones function on a 500mAh Li-Poly battery, which gives it a run time of 6 hours. A USB cable is provided to charge the headphones, it will take 2-3 hours for the headphones to achieve full charge. The included Transmitter fits into most headphone jacks included on all kinds of metal detectors.

The look of these headphones is smart, a simple grey and black colour with a sturdy body which isn’t too bulky for the user. Volume control is placed on one of the ears of the headphones, this enables easy listening especially if there’s lots of background noise.

The frequency response on Deteknix W3 Pro headphones is 20-20,000Hz, the human ear cannot hear below 20Hz or above 20,000Hz so these parameters are ideal for our ears.

A carry case, adapter and ear pads are also provided in the box.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Deteknix W3 Pro Wireless Headphones?

  • Pairing – These headphones come already paired to their transmitter, so the user can just switch on and go.
  • Quality – Robust, sturdy, quality, are all words customers have used to describe the W3 Pro headphones and they’re not wrong. This product is made extremely well.
  • Audio – There is hardly any audio lag, only a 0.06 of a second in delay.
  • Easy Servicing – All parts are easily replaced, which is great if the product malfunctions.
  • VLF/PI Detectors – When using these headphones, no interference will be heard with VLF or PI detectors.
  • Battery Life – I think that 6 hours isn’t enough for every user. Some people are away from battery packs, plugs or their cars, so making it a bit longer would have benefitted more detectorists.
  • Price – At £129, Deteknix are pushing these headphones as a higher market item, which is fine for those who can afford it, but if these were more affordable, I’m sure they’d be flying off the shelf.


Deteknix are really onto a winner here, as many keen detectorists have absolutely loved their W3 Pro headphones. These headphones are easy to use, they are quality made and you’ll get the best usage out of them. Despite minor issues with battery life and affordability, this product is well worth the risk.

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2. Garrett MS-2 Headphones

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Garrett have also expanded their product line to include headphones to use with their metal detectors as well as other metal detector brands. It’s not a surprise to see their name on this list as their products are well designed and manufactured to a high standard. Let’s review their MS-2 headphones.

What are the Main Features of the Garrett MS-2 Headphones?

  • Hi-Fi Speakers – Enjoy maximum sensitivity and signal quality with the MS-2 headphones Hi-Fi speakers.
  • One Hand Control – The controls for volume and signal levels are attached to the side of the headphones and are easy to reach up and adjust.
  • 10ft Cord – Whilst cords often limit a headphone user, a 10ft cord will allow the user to have more movement.
  • Compact – The user is able to fold the Garrett MS-2 headphones into a compact shape, ideal for storing.


The look of these Garrett headphones is big, bulky and black. They may not be the nicest looking headphones but they will certainly do their purpose.

The frequency response for the MS-2 headphones is 30-18,000Hz, this isn’t as good as our other top picks but it’s still pretty good.

Padded earmuffs block out background noise and provide the user with comfort and warm ears. And a 1/4″ headphone jack is ready to connect to any detector.

Although not cordless, the lead provided is reinforced and coiled to decrease risk of damage.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Garrett MS-2 Headphones?

  • Quality – This product exudes high quality manufacturing, Garrett definitely haven’t lost their touch.
  • Performance – With its simple controls, these headphones are easy to use and will work for hours on end.
  • Lightweight – The Garrett MS-2 headphones won’t be too heavy for your head at a weight of 340 grams.
  • Value – Available for just over £30, this product is definitely worth buying. Garrett have made sure to keep affordability in mind.
  • Recommended – Many users have been quick to praise the MS-2 headphones and even prefer them to higher priced products.
  • Warranty – A two year warranty is available with the purchase of this item.
  • Cord – A cord does limit the users movement, even if that cord is 10ft. It’s also a hassle to drag around. It will also drain the power from the metal detectors battery. Ultimately, a wireless head set would have suited Garrett better, but the MS-2 headphones will still do the same job. Just keep your eye on the battery indicator.
  • Tightness – Some users have complained that their headphones are a little tight. Maybe these aren’t suited for those with larger heads. Always be sure to check the measurements.
  • Muffled – Again, some have found that this product can produce muffled sounds. This may be due to interference or lack of better sound quality.

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Overall, the Garrett MS-2 headphones are a useful, well made item, especially when used for metal detecting. They aren’t to everyone’s taste but for the price they are well worth a go.

Garrett certainly haven’t failed to impress yet again!

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3. Thomson Wireless UHF Radio Headphones

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Although Thomson aren’t a metal detecting brand their headphones have risen in popularity for connecting to entertainment systems. This has proved useful to some metal detectorists, let’s see how.

What are the Main Features of the Thomson Wireless UHF Radio Headphones?

  • Wireless – No wire equals more freedom of movement and a great range.
  • 100m Range – Outside, these headphones are able to wirelessly reach their connected system to a range of 100 metres, and inside, 20-30 metres.
  •  3 Transmission Channels – Eliminate the loss of sound with three transmission channels. You’ll never have to miss a beat.
  • Integrated Auto Tuning – Listening to some things can end up with a fuzzy static type noise, but with integrated auto tuning, this will disappear.
  • Recharge Station – A high tech charging port is included to recharge your headphones as quickly as possible.

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Smart, dynamic, sleek are all fitting words to describe these Thomson headphones. An attractive black shell encases the technology.

Two AAA batteries power the Thomson Wireless headphones for around 8 hours or sometimes even longer. Though they are made for entertainment their operating frequency is the same as the Deteknix W3 Pro Wireless headphones at: 20-20,000Hz.

Inside the boxed item, you’ll find the following contents: Headset, power supply unit, 6.3mm jack adapter, 2x AAA batteries, 2 RCA – 3.5mm jack cables. All of these wires and adapters prove to be very useful when operating this item.

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What are the Pros and Cons of the Thomson Wireless UHF Radio Headphones?

  • Comfortable – Comfort is important to every user, and this product delivers that comfort.
  • Multi Use – Using these headphones will benefit not only your metal detecting activities but also entertainment at home or out and about.
  • Included Batteries – Batteries aren’t usually included with many items, but this time, they are, and that makes us very happy.
  • Easy to Use – Put them on, touch and listen. Simple controls make the Thomson Wireless headphones so easy to use.
  • Price – At £38, these headphones aren’t badly priced considering larger brands can reach prices of over £100.
  • Battery Life – With a battery life of 8 hours, this product will last the user for a long day metal detecting.


  • Smallest Size – Apparently, when adjusted to the smallest size, this is still too big for some customers. The Thomson Wireless headphones are mainly aimed at adults, so be sure to measure your head if you think they’ll be too big.
  • Quality – Multiple users have had to lightly use these headphones as they’re very easily broken at the adapting size area. They aren’t robust and are actually quite flimsy. If you’re heavy handed, you may not want to take these out detecting.
  • Sound Quality – Some have gone against the grain and also complained about sound quality. Each user has a different experience but we agree that sound quality is very important.
  • Inserting Batteries – Inserting the batteries in these headphones has proved a bit tricky to many buyers. Is it really that hard?
  • Uncomfortable – How can this product be comfortable and uncomfortable? Simply because of split opinions, some have complained that these headphones dig in.

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Whilst the Thomson headphones are a good product for entertainment, they might not be the best choice for a long day of metal detecting. They certainly wouldn’t fare well in bad weather. This being said they are still quite attractive and easy to use.

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Our Thoughts

Those were our top three favourite headphones for metal detecting. Each of these companies have contested their advantages and we hope they’ve impressed you as they have done with us.

Which one is your favourite?

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